THE BITTER END: Stacey Abrams Acknowledges Defeat, Refuses to Concede, Says ‘Democracy Failed’ | Sean Hannity

Democratic challenger for Georgia’s gubernatorial race Stacey Abrams officially acknowledged her defeat to Republican Brian Kemp Friday night; refusing to concede and claiming “Democracy failed in Georgia.”

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Everything that I heard Stacey Abrams complain about in her press performance was caused by her and her organizations. The reason some metro counties were short on voting machines was because her organization sued the state which resulted in over 1000 machines being locked up in storage. She had her campaign workers helping people fill out their registration forms which resulted in errors on the forms. And the counties she had the most complaints about were all Democrat controlled counties. She just has sour grapes because her own people and supporters were incompetent.

“Under the watch of the now former secretary of state, democracy failed Georgia,”…failed because a fat, black, entitled female lost a fair election.? Pathetic.


We are not a democracy. We are a Constitutional Republic. That Mantra of calling us a democracy started a few years back. Socrates said democracy the worst way to govern. It allows the uneducated masses to vote and they can easily be manipulated and then be under tyranny. That is what the Demonic Rats have planned for America.

None of the candidates want to concede and that is the Resistance, they won’t accept any candidates except Demonic Rat /Socialists. They did it all over America and it will be worse in 2020 if they are allowed to get away with it. Hillary said there will be no civility until they are back in power.

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She failed because everyone did not believe in what she stood for, maybe she should sit down and have a talk to herself. DemocRATS do not have ideas that will help the country grow and help the poor make better lives for themselves. Everything the democRATS are for the hurt the poor and middle class. They are bankrupt, their solutions more taxes, more regulations, and open borders are a disaster for the country. Legal immigration is the way to go, not illegal and the cost of illegal immigration is taking away money from the poor and middle class.

Let’s be very clear about what she means. “Democracy failed.” Translation: “Racist white voters and officials continue to keep “us” from getting what we deserve - Power! The “electorate” is biased and cannot be trusted to pick whom will govern. We are justified and will do everything necessary to allow non-citizen (a.k.a. illegal aliens) people of color to help us remedy past and current injustices. There can be no fair election until I win!” What is so pathetic is how so many Georgians were duped by this fraud!

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I surely wish you could explain that to more people.

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I’m black and the white man is holding me down.
Even though I have e no experience running a company let alone a state if obama could run the entire USA and parts of the world then I should be able to run a state even though I’m not qualified.


You should have added “Fortunately” at the beginning or your statement. No one, not black, red, orange or blue people deserve anything except to be born free. Adding a color or gender to you “qualifications” should automatically disqualify you from any and all offices, especially a office requiring a vote margin set forth by election officials operating under the law. When those entitled get into an elected office, our nation is on a path to total destruction and chaos. The patients, i.e., the entitled, will run the asylum…


AMEN !!!
Sure sounds like Benghazi Killery…“I be ROBBED.”
Stacey, ability and skills don’ be a color, girl. You
ain’t got it !

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No Stacey. You failed.

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Stacey Abrams message was well understood by intelligent Georgians and they did not want her and her intended actions as Governor. She promised the most Liberal/Socialistic policies of anyone in the USA. This is not what Georgians wanted.

Well she’s right about one thing. Democracy did fail and thank God it did! We don’t have a democracy, we have a Republic and this is the problem today. Socialism has a democracy and that is what the Demos are shooting for!

Translation…WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH How come we didn’t win!!!
Typical leftist nonsense.
They “expect” things.
And when those things do not result in matching their expectation, they claim they were some how cheated.
Last week Queen Pant suit, ( Clinton) said " if there was a fair election in Georgia, Stacey Abrams would have already won the election".
These lefties are delusional.

I am seeing videos of demonstrations on college campuses where students are now claiming they do not care about the First Amendment. As far as these leftists are concerned only THEY should have the right to speak freely. All who disagree should be kept quiet.,

People forget that the classic example of democracy in action is a lynch mob. The only difference between that and the leftist mobs we are seeing now are the larger numbers today and the types of weapons( clubs,rocks, firebombs and guns) that they are using. Democracy in action.