The bill Maher effect

Isn’t it amazing that Maher has made it 25 years in tv while speaking his mind on every controversial subject? Hbo ran an anniversary special for him last week and it was remarkable. When he got fired from politically incorrect, it was essentially because he got brigaded after the am talk show hosts riled up their base. Other than that and his house slave remark to Ben Sasse, he has survived the PC world. This is almost certainly due to his genuine takes on events. He doesn’t censor himself. He doesn’t get censored. He reacts from the heart but he forms logical conclusions and opinions. In my opinion we need more bill maher’s and fewer PC police.

I couldn’t agree more. Wherever I go, I can talk about whatever I like without censorship or the arbitrary, ever-changing shadow rules of the PC world. And that’s true with almost every Internet forum that I visit, too.

I started subscribing to HBO just to get his show.

It hasn’t been as haha funny since trump won but the commentary is biting and accurate. He can only do it because hbo doesn’t censor him

Then it’s a wash. I just quit HBO because of his show.

I agree with that.

Was it because he was honest?

I guess it’s not. I just subscribed to get his show… and GoT.

Jokes on both of you. I steal HBO off of my moms account

Can i get l/p?

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I love Maher’s show. For those who don’t get HBO, the audio is available on a free podcast. I attended a rehearsal for his show a couple of years ago. I don’t know if he still does it, but on Thursdays he was testing his monologue and New Rules and we got to see that. Had great seats right in front of his podium. (And that studio is tiny!)

Pay for your own, lib

Says the guy who is mooching off his mommy.

She and I love her. Sue me

I love you.

I love you too. It’s legal now. I dont care who knows it.

it’s ok not to censor yourself - as long as you hate Trump/republicans. then hbo supersta
despite your horrid ugliness

I dont think anyone should be censored. Maher shares that belief. That’s why he had Steve Bannon on two weeks ago. Milo on before his ■■■■ blew up. He has on those weird Christians that are super political. He always advocates free speech.

oh you might not. but the idiot left sure does.

thats why spider ■■■■■■■ ugly maher keeps his stupid show but say, megan kelly is gone.

and countless others

Maybe if megyn Kelly were intellectually honest for her entire career then she would still have a show

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