The biggest lie in American history. And EVERY democrat is guilty

Has it even been proven that it was a “Hoax”…didn’t the report said there was evidence of reaching and accepting help, but it didnt rise to collusion?

Remember this #1 hit from the past…
“Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing,”

And within hours russia hacks the server…just a coincidence right?

Yeah…the conclusion in which IG Durham, stopped what he was doing and said, “I do not agree with your conclusion”.

Did the FBI ever inspect and determine that the Russians hacked the server or did someone else conclude that? If it was someone else, who was it and who was cutting them a check for their services?

So did he or did he not ask Russia for help?

You tell me? You heard what he said, how he said it, what the circumstances were and the ■■■■ eating grin on his face while saying it. Is this really what you want to present as the evidence you’re resting your conclusions on? Seriously? You’re better than this. Yes…it’s not going the way favorable to Dems but you and I are fellow Americans. We want what’s best for our country, not our party. Agreed?


Thats the way he operates…out in the open like that, so he can use. the " I was just kidding defense"…" Would I really say thst in front of everyone if i meant it?"

Asking for that help warrants an investigation with nothing else even added.

Who set up this “collusion straw-man”? CNN? Schiff?

Dude…step away from the keyboard…take a few deep breaths…maybe even a bong or two? :sunglasses:

I disagree. When you can lie with outright conviction as Clapper can only increases the need for him. Media can’t get enough of it.

lol… he has a point. just not the one he was making

Yes one and same…but that was back in 2013 I think. Of course nothing happen to him even after being outed by Snowden.


Yes it did. Snowden was “outed” from the country.

Why’s that?..Are you trying to tell me if Obama or Hillary asked Russia to hack Trumps emails/ files etc and then Russia did, you wouldn’t want that investigated?..Cough" ■■■■■■■■■ Cough.

Does Hillary ever joke around like that…or President Obama? Trump is different than any other President we’ve seen. Sometimes he makes a joke and sometimes he is the joke and he’s consistent about it? Either way, you never take him seriously? He’s always a liar? So why now? Oh yeah…that’s right…cuz it now fits your narrative. At least be like Trump and be consistent about it. :sunglasses:


he didn’t believe it, he knew it, because he helped perpetrate it.

I told you, that’s how he operates…He leaves himself with deniability…'Would I do something like that in front of everyone?"

“Would someone rid me of this meddlesome priest” …comes to mind.

…and now you believe the man you believe is a habitual liar? You’ll have to teach me this libcernment. :sunglasses:

plausible deniability is the democrat way.

nice that your so obvious superior psychic abilities allow you to read Trump’s thoughts. seems to be a new lib trait. Schifty has it too.

I’m saying I know how he operates…its obvious, you just have blinders on.

Just did a quick search on “How Trump operates in open for deniability”

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