The biggest lie in American history. And EVERY democrat is guilty

Now that the Russia house of cards is being exposed, we are finding out just how sleazy it was. One of the biggest liars was good ole Jimmy Clapper. Who flat out lied to CNN and their viewers. Telling CNN that Russia/ Trump was worse than watergate while telling investigators he saw no evidence of any conspiracy. He should NEVER work in the media again. Totally untrustworthy.

This from the President’s press secretary.

“I would encourage the individual who did that analysis of my past, rather than focusing on me, he really should be focused on some of the very guests CNN chose to have on their network,” McEnany continued. “He should be focused on Jim Clapper, who said ten days before he privately told investigators there was no evidence of collusion, that ‘Watergate pales in comparison to the Russia probe. I would encourage them to look at Samantha Powers, who privately is saying, ‘I’m not in possession of any evidence of collusion.’ Ambassador writes, ‘I don’t recall intelligence or evidence of any collision.’ Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch: ‘I don’t recall that being briefed to me.’”

Please feel free to post your favorite examples of Russia hoaxers lying liars who lie.


I’m certain the libs will be in soon to condemn team obama for either

a) their perjury under oath before congress, or
b) the fake news networks who repeatedly put theses liars on television to spread their ■■■■■■■■

So which is it libs?? Fake news or going to jail for lying under oath??

Is that the same Clapper that told Congress, while under oath, that no data was being acquired about all Americans while he knew that records were made of telephone connections? The one who wasn’t prosecuted for his willing perjury while Flynn was sought out by the FBI in hopes he would lie? That Clapper?


I new it was a hoax all along, why? Because everyone who cleared Hillary for using a private server was obviously corrupt!


Nah, not even close…How about Saddam has weapons of mass destruction, how many lives did that whopper cost?

Edit…And its kinda funny, anything that involves Trump, is always “biggest, most” etc…lol…just sayin.

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This lie involved the NSA, the CIA, the DoJ, the FBI, the State Department, almost the entire MSM and the WH so this is…the “biggest” lie in our nation’s history and what’s worse…is the purpose of this lie?

Why was it the biggest lie? Sheer numbers. Every single democrat lied through their teeth. It was the most massive group lie in American history. And nothing else come close.

Please do not dodge the following question:

After lying to hundreds of CNN viewers, Can anything Clapper ever says again be believed?


So did every democrat. They all had access to more information than you had. Yet led by Shifty, they all were in on it One massive liefest.


What agencies were involved in run up to war? And again, how many lives were lost for this “lie”? Trump is dirty as hell with Russia, trying to cover it up and gaslighting isn’t going to change the facts.

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Why are you trying to change the topic to Iraq? That topic has been argued for 20 years. Lock on buddy. This is not an Iraq discussion. I ask that you stay on topic. Here is the question. Stop dodging.

Please do not dodge the following question:

After lying to hundreds of CNN viewers, Can anything Clapper ever says again be believed?

Absolutely, which is why they set up the ‘collusion’ straw-man from the beginning to distract from the dirt.

Not according to Clapper. Clapper told CNN it was bigger than Watergate. Then told investigators he had no evidence.

What do you think about Clapper lying to hundreds of CNN viewers? Can he ever be trusted?

Post the quote, please. I’d like to read it. If you don’t have it handy, I can look it up, but I want to make sure we’re talking about the same thing in that case.

I mention Iraq because your op said the Russia investigation is the “biggest lie” in American history. I’m just disputing that fact.

And as far as “Why should anyone believe Clapper again because he lied”? If you want to go down that road, why should anyone ever believe Trump? He lies damn near everytime he opens is mouth…very provable lies.

Dude…what the ■■■■ does this have to do with anything? Seriously? What? They are mutually exclusive. Just for the record, I’ve condemned going into Iraq and said so on both the old and present forums. I think DICK Cheney was the mastermind so that Halliburton could go rebuild it and make illicit money as a result. That said, President Bush was taken advantage of. He didn’t prosper in any way as a result. That isn’t the same here my friend. Now…can you likewise condemn the wrongs committed by the political party that most closely alligns with your way of thinking?

Okay noted. You have already gone on record hundreds of times about Trump as well. We already know how you feel. But you still seem to be dancing around the Clapper question.

What do you think about Clapper lying to hundreds of CNN viewers? Can he ever be trusted?

The OP said the Russia investigation was the biggest lie in American history…I’m just proving otherwise, and Iraq was just recent history…I’m sure there are many more much worse…

The Russian lie is the tip of this iceberg. Now consider the entire scope of the iceberg you and I are discussing and not just the tip? This involved so many entities, who are supposed to work for “we the people” and yet, they coordinated with the purpose of removing a duly elected President. My gosh man. This is by far, if proven to be true, the most shameful, traitorous act EVER to happen to our country…period.

So a guy lying on CNN is the biggest lie? Ever think perhaps he had to choose his words more carefully in talking to investigators than he did on a tv show? But still believed what he said on CNN.

Officer…I merely found these drugs…and was on my way to the police station to turn them in. :sunglasses: