The Big Pharma - FDA money go round

I pointed out in another thread the financial benefits to the two biggest syringe producers of government using taxpayers’ money to buy needles for free needle programs in return for political donations from those same companies.

Today I see the same collusion is occurring between Big Pharma and the FDA.

“Project Veritas” :rofl:

When are you guys going to learn.

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I think this character was you.

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How many faked videos do you need to see from one person before you start to wonder if it is a huge grift?

Literally every single video is faked or highly edited to take quotes out of context. They have even been sued.

I could see if they released thousands of videos and 1 or 2 were faked or misleading… but 100%?


“There are none so blind as those who will not see.” John Heywood

I see how many faked videos they have released and been sued for.

What do you see?

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I see an FDA executive, who does not realise he is being recorded, being candid about how the relationship between his agency and Big Pharma works.

What do you think is fake in that video? Is the Executive an actor? Is the dialogue snipped and rearranged to say something he never said?

Exactly what is the outrageous part of this video? The possibility of needing annual shots as more studies come in? Or that pharmaceutical companies pay the FDA in user fees?

None of this is new or outrageous info. If you’re upset about learning about user fees, you can blame Bush Sr for instituting the Prescription Drug User Fee Act, giving the FDA authority to collect fees from companies.


That hundreds of millions of dollars are given to the FDA to retain bureaucrats who will approve their products bother me.

That approvals are not based on scientific studies but on retained assessors rubber stamping donors’ products bothers me.

That is something to be bothered about.

It should be funded by tax dollars alone in service to the public.

That change was made decades ago and is nothing new. It was part of the privatizing of government services and should be reversed.

Glad there is something that we can find agreement on.

Oh…. And everyone should go into a Project Veritas video expecting that it is deceptively edited.

Could you suggest some out-takes that would invert or radically alter the meaning of the FDA executives presented words.

They did it with NPR.

The edited video did not match what actually went on.

That was the last time that Project Veritas released full unedited video without having to be forced to by a court.