THE BIG ONE? California on Edge After 69 Quakes Rock ‘Ring of Fire’ | Sean Hannity

California residents and government officials are preparing for a potentially major geological event after roughly 70 earthquakes struck the Pacific’s “ring of fire” in just 48 hours.

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Hate to say it but maybe a massive quake will clean up the public health mess in San Francisco and bury it.

Like a cat in its litter box.

So death and destruction is the obvious and desired solution to failed government. You mean like the earthquake in Haiti, and the Hurricane in Puerto Rico? Those disasters changed things didn’t they.

Wow, two of my children live in the Bay Area. I have yet to visit and do understand from them there is a huge issue with the homeless. But, to say something like this implying to ‘bury’ people, that can’t be your message. By the user name you have I assume you live in that other big state. Should we wish another Andrew on Florida. Human lives MATTER.

I was referring to all the tons of garbage, human waste, drug paraphenalia, etc. lining the streets.

Then why would you “hate to say” you want garbage, human waste, drug paraphernalia, etc lining the streets cleaned up?

I live in a red congressional district in a red state and we have more vagrants here than we did when I lived in a blue district in Virginia. Homelessness isn’t just a blue state problem.