The Beatles documentary

Not a bid Dead fan, but did go to one show for the experience…

Also used to work with Mickey Hart’s brother.

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No ■■■■■ I was in the middle, pretty close. I remember Bob doing the take a step back game!

Wait two people here were at the Englishtown show? Thats insane…
77 was their best year and pretty much every Spring show was a gem. 5/8/77 in Cornell top most people’s picks of best show ever. Mickey got in a motorbike wreck and the Dead were on hiatus until this first show of Fall tour- 9/3/77. And y’all were there. That hilarious.

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Take a step back. And take another step back…y’all are looking pretty bug eyed out there.

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And the woman who went into labor LOL. I thought I had been transported back to Woodstock!


Donna handed me a big plastic cup of beer at Springfield Civic Center MA on that tour. Guess I looked pretty thirsty LOL.


I remember she didn’t want to leave. When they finally got her out the announcer (don’t remember who it was) said “It looks like you all are going to be Godparents .”

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DIdYou see how a pathway through the crowd just opened up before her as they were taking her out? I thought that was impressive.

I get it now I didn’t give them time of day until the documentary it just hit me like a sledge hammer, one of those moments you realize you’re watching greatness at it’s peak. To think they quit right at 30 years old. It really is amazing watching that documentary they are just goofing off and every song they come up with is like a top 10 song in a two week period.

I am getting more into Lennon but right now McCartney just is in another world at this point of his career it doesn’t seem it was possible for him not to pick up any random instrument and wright and instant classic song.

It’s humbling.

It’s all subjective but I always had them down as the best band of the 20th century. Talented galore but it’s obvious they done their best work when they were a unit instead of when they went solo. It seems from the documentary at least the two who really wanted to keep it together was Paul and Ringo. They had the chemistry to just churn out classics dare I say masterpieces one after another.

Most bands usually quit when they start going down hill musically or creatively they quit literally at their peak they was just getting better and better imho. Sad to think all the music that could have been created but happy we got a lot of songs from them they are truly a once in a century talent.

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Listen to John’s first post Beatles solo album, Plastic Ono Band. The songs are as good as any he wrote with the Beatles.

Working Class Hero is powerful.

Haven’t watched the documentary, but I’ve always loved the Beatles, whether they performed together or solo.

Let it Be is a song that, for lack of a better way to say it, truly moves me. They are, IMO, the gold standard for music in the 20th Century.