THE BAD APPLE: NY Officials SHUT DOWN Child's LEMONADE STAND for ‘Undercutting Prices’

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The New York State Health Department shut down a child’s lemonade stand this week, forcing the seven-year-old to close his shop after multiple complaints from a nearby county fair.

According to Fox News, NY officials ordered the young entrepreneur to cease-and-desist after food purveyors at the fair said the stand was “undercutting their prices.”

“The young entrepreneur, Brendan Mulvaney, was selling lemonade, water and Sno-cones from the porch of his family’s home, which just so happens to be right outside the Saratoga County Fair in upstate New York,” writes Fox. “A woman wearing a Health Department T-shirt turned up Friday and shut it down because the family didn’t have a permit.”

“We are working to better understand the situation but in the meantime want to assure the community that DOH does not issue permits for or oversee lemonade stands”, a spokesperson for the department told the New York Post.

Less than a day after the stand was shut down, officials ordered the family to obtain a food permit; costing $30 and remaining valid for an entire year.

Read the full story at Fox News.

A temporary food vending permit is easy to get. And following the process protects the vendor from making mistakes that could make someone sick and the liability associated with that.

Point of fact: the sobriquet “Big Apple” refers to the City of New York, not the whole state.

The Saratoga County Fair is not in the “Big Apple”.