THE BAD APPLE: De Blasio Under Fire for ‘TRIFECTA OF TROUBLE’ Slamming NYC

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New York Mayor Bill de Blasio found himself in hot-water this week after USA Today published a scathing critique of the liberal politician’s approach to city management; adding the mayor’s “bystander” leadership was crippling the Big Apple.

The article, titled “New York City today: Slow subways, slummy projects, soaring rents” slammed de Blasio for his poor leadership on three key issues facing average New Yorkers: transportation, public housing, and enormous rent costs.

“Five years ago this seemed the very model of a modern major city, with its bike lanes, pedestrian plazas and smokeless bars,” writes the author. “These days, however, other cities look at New York and see three great systems in crisis – mass transit, public housing and rent control.”

“But de Blasio can look like a bystander. For instance, The New Yorker magazine reported that he’d not spoken with the new subway system president since the man began the job six months ago,” he adds.

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