THE BAD APPLE: De Blasio Under Fire for ‘TRIFECTA OF TROUBLE’ Slamming NYC | Sean Hannity

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio found himself in hot-water this week after USA Today published a scathing critique of the liberal politician’s approach to city management; adding the mayor’s “bystander” leadership was crippling the Big Apple.

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Every single city and state run by the Dems turns into a $hithole. I can say that because the same exact thing is happening here in Colorado. I suspect there is something nefarious going on with the so called “best city” since Colorado Springs made this “list” and it is NOT a “best”. Housing is sky-rocketing, crime is going through the roof, and on. The Dems favorite ploy is to take money from the transportation dept (roads) and let the roads go to he!!. They then use this excuse as a reason to raise the tax. They are trying that right now in Colorado.