The Backlash Continues

More backlash from the victims of Mass Formation Psychosis. People are rediscovering their rights. States are rediscovering their powers. Parents are waking up.

This is what happens when you reach way beyond the limits of your own business.

Arrested, banned, dragged into court, all for being maskless in an environment where masks were optional.

Some of them even lied in court.

By the way, how 'bout that Fauci? He and his lab 'rats disappeared quicker than Russia’s advance. :rofl:



Sue em all

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Good grief. Some folks have way too much time on their hands.

Folks need to get a life of their own and stop being jealous of the folks they wish they could be.

And BTW, this ain’t the way to do it.


Just more proof just how sick and twisted the left has become.


The important part is that people never give in to overreach or peer pressure. The soapbox warriors are once again on the backfoot after going full potato at the git-go. It’s been the overall pattern since at least April 2004.

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Agreed. We must continue to fight fascism even after we’ve won because it is endemic in The System and could come back at any moment.

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…and it’s all motivated by that fake, invisible “V” on their foreheads when they look into the mirror that only the left can see.