The Autumnal Equinox is upon us and none too soon in my opinion

The Autumnal Equinox occurs at 9:03 pm EDT tonight.

And here in Surry County, we will be getting the first true blast of chilly weather, with lows in the 40’s.

Down in Columbia, South Carolina, temperatures will drop 20 degrees, from today’s high of 97 to about 78 degrees tomorrow.

Not sure about the rest of you, but I will thoroughly enjoy the change in weather. :smile:

nope. i despair the change. winters a coming…


I went out for a 4 mile walk yesterday evening after work when the temp was 94. Today the high temp is 74. The sun feels good and gives me a recharge but I like the Fall best.

Jeans and light over shirt. That temp when you step outside is about 10 degrees below the house temperature.

Favorite time of the year.


I am grateful for Sunspot AR3038, which gave us this abnormally hot and dry (and awesome) summer. Before it popped up, everything was rainy spring weather BS. I only had to mow the lawn twice this year! :rofl:

Between the Summer Solstice and today, I set a fairly breakable PR of 23 paramotor flights and 1 tandem jump.

Just closed the new pool down yesterday. Looking forward to hibernation season now. Plenty of video games in the queueueueueueue.


My daughter has been making the trip up here to hone her archery skills prior to hunting.

The deer archery season in this area opened on September 10th, but she shares my preference for hunting in cooler weather and the season goes until November 4th.

When gun season rolls around, I will see if a nice cold rainy day comes around.

Yep, definitely looking forward to the colder weather. :smile:

You and me both. I prefer cold weather.

What do you mean by “and none too soon”? The Autumnal Equinox occurs at the same time every year. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t celebrate these pagan holidays, but I’m glad it’s getting cooler.

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I don’t celebrate Mabon either. :smile:

A very early first hard freeze this year.

I’m sticking with my prediction of a relatively mild winter this year, with a bitterly cold winter next year.


That’s not much warmer than it is up here in Alaska.

The La Nina is now forecasted to continue into February … whatever that means for your area.

Pretty hard freeze here tonight in Surry County and the next three days will be very cold.

Just a few weeks ago it was in the 100’s here. That nina is loco. :rofl:

I like a good cold fall. Makes college football tailgating much more enjoyable.

Happy first frost, folks!

P.S., everyone else also has 1/8th of an inch of ice in their yard. No one gives a ■■■■ about your pics. :wink:

But it’s mine…


(Not really, credit DeniceBreaux, whoever that is.)

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So far so muddy. lol