The auto refresh?

I only open the site with Firefox as it seems to cutback on the amount of reloads. I always post with my phone and Safari and Chrome was horrible.

It still reloads on Firefox but for me at least on my device it doesn’t reload as much using it.

I use Firefox also. Still reloads constantly.

I use FireFox. My third party software blocks a lot of things, and I have never had this refresh issue.

The old website was far better. Oh well, this is what we have now. No use hoping that it will ever change.


I agree with you 100% on that. Fixing what wasn’t broken is my #1 pet peeve.:angry:

The edit feature is available here. It’s just stuck behind a level of trust level that not everyone gets.

There’s a lot of annoyances here.

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It’s a basic function for trust level 2 that doesn’t allow one member to edit another member’s post, when it’s not completely deepee deed right out of the box. lol

Hannity Forums: The Reload

(and reload, and reload

[ it actually reloaded at this point ]

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Be grateful this is all that’s wrong. My tennis forum has been plagued with a redirect for well over a year now.

The good thing is that they have an app, too - which isn’t affected.

In a round about way, in that we have to keep restarting posts, I’m reminded of the classic SNL skit about Nixon (played by Dan Ackroyd) writing his memoirs.

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So what trust level do you have to be to edit your own damn post?

■■■■■■■ ridiculous.

That’s a basic forum ability for cripes sake.

Trust level 3.

The mods have been known to raise your level if you ask nicely. I achieved the requirement for level 3 the old fashioned way, but the requirements to get there were pretty onerous.

The point was, why the hell do you even have to be a certain level to edit OUR OWN DAMN POST?

That is a basic level ability on any forum under the sun.

Sweet Jesus. :roll_eyes:


it would make more sense if newbies were forced to edit their posts. :wink:

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Heh … forcing new forumites to learn grammar and be able to diagram a sentence or distinguish homonyms properly.

The old software no longer had support.

There is no trust level that allows you to only edit your own posts. The edit feature allows you to edit ANY post on the forum.

That’s why everyone was bumped down out of that level.

Great software, isn’t it.

I wasn’t the one making that claim.