The auto refresh?

I use every single Filter List except for the regional languages.

If you see something on a page you don’t like (like a popup asking you to disable your ad blocker before reading), you can right click over it and choose to block that element.

Well, I still get the occasional refresh. Nowhere near the rate as before though.

Probably a “no duh” response, but try deleting your browser cache and restarting.

I seem to be the only one who hasn’t been “refreshed” even once, and the only difference is I use uBlock Origins with all the lists checked and updated.

It’s also available for Chrome. Thanks for the tip, SixFoot.

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Thank you, I forgot to mention that. Don’t know if it’s also for Edge or Explorer, but anyone using those deserves a good refreshing anyway. lol

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For Chrome (and I assume Firefox), there are companion add-ons, too.

And bad news … just had a refresh despite the add-ons. Damn.


That’s the best I can do. Too bad this place doesn’t have someone who knows how to make simple scripts work properly. It’s hilariously easy. :sunglasses:

That’s a paradox.

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I never have a problem with aut


I see what you did ther

Just compose your posts in your handy dandy word processor before cut and pasting them.

Let the walls o text fly! Mwahahahahahahahahah!

This is, I suspect, one of the bugs we’ve had to endure with this board software. It’ll go away eventually, I suspect, like the others.

Question in topic.

Gotta get them characters in.

Yes, we’ve been asking about this for a while now.

Doesn’t happen anywhere else on the internet. But on a so-called discussion board, nope can’t fix that.

I’m sure it happ- (reload)

I’m sure (reload)

… never mind…

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Yes and it sucks.

I thought my computer had a virus or something. Glad it’s not just me.

Yeah, it’s been happening for well over a month now.

Amazing how other forums can figure out the edit feature and there is no reload problem, but on the new, improved and better Hannity these things can’t be solved.

The move from the old forum to the new was totally worth it. :roll_eyes: