The American self loathing movement. Where do you stand?

Do you even understand it? It seems to be a mainly American thing. The crimes of most of the world are at least as bad. At the same time, we are the world’s biggest force for good. There would be no freedom in the world had it not been for us. Let’s take a look at a few countries who do not widely disrespect or burn their flag.

Germany. Two world wars, tens of millions of dead, fascism, racial purity, and the genocide of 6 million people.

Portugal. Shipping nearly six million captured Africans and shipped to slavery.

Britain. Slavery

Spain. Conquistadors and slavery.

France. Slavery

The Netherlands. Slavery

Brazil. Slavery

Japan. Genocide, Torture, Empire, Slavery, severe racism

China. Good Lord. Too many to mention.

Cuba. Mass murder, slavery.

The entire Caribbean. Slavery controlled by the European powers.

Need I go on? Why would anyone consider the U.S. to be inferior to any of these? These countries do not seem to be involved in the same level of self hate, willing to bring their countries down because of past sins. Why are we? I know the answer. Does anybody else?

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What the United States does for me, is to provide an opportunity to not do what I loathe in history and to mimic the actions of those I admire. I don’t spend my time looking in a rear view mirror. I look through the windshield of my life…putting the pedal to the metal and conservatively progressing my way through this world, accomplishing for myself and others…all that I can, knowing that life is short and with a motivation to Glorify God.

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“You think our country’s so innocent?”


I’ll be fair. The thread is soliciting your opinion. I will answer your question after I see your response to the topic.

It doesn’t matter. The questions one must ask is, one…what can you personally do about what you discern isn’t innocent and…are you yourself innocent?

Everyone here should thank their lucky stars, and if they want to kneel for something, they should pray to their gods if they believe, and hope everyone stays safe.

If you don’t love it, leave.

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What self loathing? I mean besides the NFL.

Either you see it, or you don’t. Maybe your news sources do not cover such things?

BTW, did you see that they tore down a statue of Teddy Roosevelt?

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Millions are trying to get in. Nobody is trying to get out. What does that tell you?

“There are a lot of killers. You think our country’s so innocent?”

  • Donald J. Trump -

By OP’s def, that’s straight next-level America hatin’.


The Op will tell you his definition if you bother to ask. :+1:

Then there is that crazy 1619 project where American hating liberals go back in time and wallow over what the European powers did 400 years ago. Apparently they are revising history. Trying to convince us that the slaver flag of 1619 looked like this.


When it actually looked more like this.



Oh, you’re describing the cancel culture? It all stems from race issues and no one wants to touch it. People can use it because it gives them a sense of power in their otherwise worthless lives. I’ll just stop here.

I disagree. Race is the tool. They don’t give a rats ass about race. It’s a means to an end. Totalitarian government is the goal.

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We cannot leave. Lol. Most countries are closed to us thanks to the bungled handling of Covid.


Do you want to leave? Nobody else does. But tens of millions are trying to get in. Shouldn’t we warn them not to enter this oppressive, racists country? We are not being fair to our future victims.

So when you’re in a public place and the national anthem is being played do you stand? Or take a knee?

I agree. Race is the tool. I just worded it poorly.

A better question would be, what does it now mean if you don’t take a knee?


What does that have to do with the OP?

Do you think any country is “innocent”? :rofl:


This is a quintessential display of snobbish American arrogance. Freedom is a common human desire and plenty of countries have achieved it on their own without our help. Mixed with our good deeds is a lot of bombing of other countries and who’ve disagreed with us.