The American Peoples Money


Probably the same way he studies a solar eclipse.


What do you call the oppression of the middle class?

Because that’s what the Socialist Democrats are doing in Washington.

How many more single mothers and people in general were on welfare and food
stamps under Obama?

The Democrats can only keep printing money for so long, because they collapse the economy of the US, and deface the value of the dollar.


Again, how is this any different than any other set of distributive institutions.


Here’s your 5 billion. He’s really a “great negotiator”!! LOL


Every president in modern history has appointed cabinet members who were nakedly self interested and/or political activists.


There you go, if you can’t dispute the facts attack the source.


NAFTA seriously limits the import taxes paid on good shipped to the US from participating companies.

People in employed by those companies working in the US pay Taxes in the US rather than Mexico.

The money they make is then spent in the US rather than Mexico, fueling our economy rather than theirs.

The math isn’t that difficult. 0% of 0=0 .


Ok, now how do you get to $5B?


“The United States pledged $5.8 billion in aid and investment Tuesday for strengthening government and economic development in Central America, and another $4.8 billion in development aid for southern Mexico.”


These are just talking points devoid of reality.


Is “counter-revolutionaries” a reference to communist persecution of people they thought were working against them?


Americans deserve to know: the government funding package passed by the House yesterday is the exact same plan passed by the @ SenateGOP just weeks ago. And yet, now, they refuse to vote on it. # MSNBCTownHall


I’m OK with appointees who share a partisan viewpoint with the President - that’s one of the prizes for winning. It’s the laughably transparent self-interest of appointing an industry lobbyist to regulate that industry. Especially when you campaigned vigorously against that very thing. The first class travel, Wimbledon tickets for the wife, and $30K dining room sets? That’s just a cherry on top.

And arguing “But Mom, all the guys are doing it!”? That doesn’t make it right, son.


What do you think your going to see in Trumps personal tax returns. Remember he files his own return and his businesses file their tax returns.
I’m astonished at all the hate brothers and sisters in Christ have for one man. In my church we are taught love the sinner and hate the sin. And it astonishes me that a brother and sister in Christ is ok with the killing of millions of Gods children every year by voting for people that believe a woman should be able to kill these children.


We’ll see.


OK, let’s go there. I’m not “OK” with it - I’m deeply troubled by it. It’s the only reason, if offered, that I can understand and agree with if a Christian tells me that’s why they vote straight ticket Republican. But outlawing abortion imposes society’s will on the individual at a fundamental level. I get the passion, and the sense of moral imperative. But over time, I’ve decided that it IS a woman’s choice. You disagree.

Re Trump: it’s not hate - I try my best to not hate anyone. It’s more of a profound disrespect, bordering on revulsion. He has proven himself time and time again to be morally and ethically bankrupt: cheating on every wife with the next one; proudly walking in on a dressing room full of teenage girls “because he owns the pageant”; putting small businesses OUT of business by walking away from construction debts; scamming vulnerable, gullible people out of significant savings with his fake university; using his charity as a personal slush fund; “grabbing ■■■■■■■”. Do I REALLY need to go on? You may think this is all fake news - I couldn’t care less if you do. I find the reporting, from countless well-established news entities, to be credibly and painstakingly researched.

Is there NO other Republican who can give you the conservative judges you seek? Must you support a man as President that you wouldn’t want in your life in ANY other capacity? Not as friend, employer, business partner, neighbor? Married to your sister? Please.

The laziness and incompetence are why he doesn’t deserve to be President. The fact that he’s a weird, creepy old guy is why I would avoid him in real life.


We will see the same things we wanted to see in Clinton’s, Bush’s, Obama’s.
Which will be the lowest we have seen from previous Presidents.

We will see what charitable organizations he donates to. Presumably to himself, it at all.

Then we will see where he gets income. I’m guessing he doesn’t take a salary. He pays himself through distributions that are taxed at a much lower rate.


To vote for Democrats is to support murdering innocent babies, who never
had a chance at life. All they wanted was a chance, but Democrat politicians
won’t even give them that.

Oh well for their phrase, that it’s supposedly all about the children.


I would get there by putting a heavy tax on all remittances and electronic transactions sending money from the US to non US citizens.

We’re talking about less than .001% of the federal budget to build the wall.

Mexico’s central bank reported Mexicans overseas sent nearly $24.8 billion home in 2015, overtaking oil revenues for the first time as a source of foreign income.

Remittances were up 4.75 percent from 2014 when they totaled $23.6 billion, the Bank of Mexico said. They had never before surpassed petroleum since the Bank of Mexico began tracking them in 1995.

We could with a 25% tax on both pay for it in probably a year or two pay for the whole project with billions leftover to fund the entirety of ICE/CPB operations with billions left over annually.


Abortion will be legal forever and there is nothing you can do about it. Republicans like abortion, it keeps voters in line who are gullible enough to think any politician is actually against it.