The American Peoples Money


So how many billions of money has been already put into border security by
the Democrats under the Obama presidency?

Yeah, Trump is asking for less than what they’ve already spent.
They just don’t care, because back then, their funds weren’t going to stop anything.
Just to do things like fly drones over areas. Maybe find some illegals, send them back,
and then the next day they’d be jumping the border again.

They need to be able to fund their sanctuary cities! Even though that’s not what the
American people want!


The way it reaches the Treasury is that when a product is imported to the U.S. from a country on which we’ve imposed a tariff, the importer writes a check to the Treasury for the tariff amount when the product enters the country. In many cases, that added cost is passed on to the American consumer. That explains why, for example, tariffs on foreign steel increase costs to automakers, and presumably to consumers. The logic is that if prices increase due to tariffs, people will buy from U.S. sources, or other countries without tariffs. But if there’s a cost advantage even with the tariffs, or no practical alternative sources, the tariff does nothing but serve as a tax on American industry and consumers.

You’re also apparently believing Trump’s lie that this trade deal is significantly different from NAFTA. It’s not. It’s a minor revision to a few provisions of NAFTA, and in any case, NAFTA remains in full force and effect for the foreseeable future, until Congress weighs in on NAFTA 2.0.


Who was in charge of Congress, and therefore held the purse strings, during 6 of the 8 years of Obama’s presidency?


The Democrats broke over a 100 year tradition and make it 51 votes, or 60 votes in the Senate?

Serious question. I get it mixed up.


I don’t care if it’s built or not. It’s strange that people blame their social ills on the powerless.


Who’s blaming their social ill’s?

Who is the powerless?

So do you agree that the Democrat Politicians are going against what
the American people really want? More people easily
don’t want Sanctuary Cities. Most people want a wall.


Most people wanted witches burned at the stake. Powerless people are blamed and feared in times of social stress. If we build the wall, there will be more authoritarian measures to follow.


Lots of people don’t like powerful women.


Lots of people don’t like powerful Republican women, you mean.


That’s true. For some reason Republicans won’t show up to elect them. Go figure.


What are witches burned at the stake(that happened a long time ago),
have anything to do with the wall?

Who are these powerless people?

And what will those measures involve? More safety for the families, and children of America?
And less of Americans having to pay taxes for millions of illegal immigrants?


I like Margaret Thatcher.


Isn’t that sexist on the Democrats part?

I think that they’re projecting again?


They do, a certain element feels that it is perfectly OK to tear them down though.

Rules for me but not for thee.


The majority of the American people don’t want a huge Trump border wall as we have seen from the results of the last election where Democrats won as many as 40 House seats.


Speaking of Google. They’re Liberals who steal their users information to use against them.

If you look at Obama or Clinton, both of them lost more than what Trump did, in the House
and Senate.

Are you going by Hillary Clinton voter statistics, and the ones that said Trump had no
chance in the Primary Republican election? I mean when it comes to the wall.
I find that most of the Liberal statistics now adays are skewed to make Democrats
look a lot better most of the time, then what they really are.

I mean look at that huge blue wave in 2018, and how the Democrats just destroyed
Republicans how they said they would right?


More authoritarian than forcing people to buy something they don’t want, don’t need and doesn’t work and penalizing them if they don’t? Liberals have absolutely no problem forcing their idiotic ideas on society regardless of whether it works or what it costs. Again, it is not cost, practicality or ineffectiveness that is holding up a wall, it is Democrats denying Trump a win. Life is meaningless to Democrats if it doesn’t vote for them. Thousands can be murdered or die if overdoses do long as a potential vote us not kept from getting into our country at will.


The Democrats enjoy giving crumbs to the people who vote for them,
while Pelosi and other Democrats have their private jets and yats and vacations,
while their voters live in poverty, and supposedly they care about them.


I thought you said that you were a Conservative?

You’re political ideology says otherwise.


Sarah Palin anyone?