The American Peoples Money


Or maybe we can get the Democrats to care about National Security!


Or, here’s an idea - why don’t we get Trump to have more concern for national security than to try to solve a 21st century problem solely with 1st century technology?

It’s too bad Trump didn’t have a Republican House and Senate for the last 2 years that could have passed his funding. Oh, wait…


We should get with the program.


Walls work and you know it!


Sorry, but I’d rather stick with what I know from the real world than rely on someone else’s opinion on that.


Since Trump’s tweaking of NAFTA has not yet been enacted (another success for the leadership of Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan) how exactly is it helping the United States?

Government is not a reality TV show, actual things have to get done, largely through hard work and compromise. Nothing meaningful is accomplished in “executive time”.


Its worse than that…

What Trump is doing is the equivalent of asking for seconds at Thanksgiving dinner while you still have a huge lump of dressing and a whole drumstick still sitting on your plate.

They haven’t even used the money they have already been given, and yet here he is demanding more already.

Its baffling.

I guess the positive side is he didn’t resort to his usual way of dealing with something like this. If it was one of his private projects, he would just come up with the money by not paying people who had already done work for said work. Then it would be problem solved…at least in his mind.


most of the countries are in active conflict zones.


So apparently walls work.


Depends on what the end result is supposed to be, doesn’t it?

IF your goal is to totally eliminate illegal immigration, then no, they don’t work. Even in the best cases, there is going to be overflow.

Unfortunately, Republicans keep talking about this in absolutes and not abstracts.

Simply put, 5B dollars isn’t going to do what Trump claimed, which is stop the problem.


Well then let’s just throw up our hands up, say ■■■■ it, and call it a day.

Democrats win.

Pelosi is all smiles.


Why do choose to encourage them like this?


Not so much…


Why didn’t the military stop him!


Great - please lay out the accounting for that, how Mexico is paying for the wall through NAFTA.

Oh, I just read this part - is that your accounting? Please, lay out at least a rough accounting for how Trump’s slight modifications to NAFTA pay for the wall. Thanks in advance.


Hunger has historically been a good incentive to work until Democrats created the welfare state making work unnecessary. Of course what’s been done, i.e, making dependents of American citizens, was done deliberately to perpetuate the power of the Democrat party. An educated, informed, self reliant people ( not to mention armed) are anathema to Democrats. Seal the border, stop the welfare state and teach people to think. That would be a good start…


Here’s a little trivia contest, let’s see who knows the answers: Complete the following phrases by filling in the missing words in the parentheses.


Now, I know that for liberals, especially those who graduated from our public school system, these are toughies, so I’ll play the Jeopardy music while you Google the answers. The answer is, What are walls Alex? Here’s another question, but I’ll make it multiple choice so liberals have a chance to guess correctly:

What type of structure surrounds the Vatican?
A. A moat
B. A fence
C. A wall
D. A chain of liberals holding hands singing we are the world
E. None of the above

If you picked C you are obviously a xenophobic, homophobic, racist, misogynistic bigot, because the pope would never, ever build a wall around his country to protect it because they are symbols of hate, they’re expensive, and above all, THEY DON’T WORK!!

Oh, wait a minute…


If you think an armed hungry mass with no social security, healthcare or social mobility is going to side with your stupid ideology, you have a point. Historically, they have not. The welfare state maintains capitalism; even the Romans had to enact a grain dole that lasted from the Republic to its fall.


No, they don’t work. The Xiongnu were not stopped by walls in the East nor their Hunnic cousins in the West. The chinese, their walled cities, and their heavily fortified neighboring kingdoms were subsequently conquered by Mongols and the Manchu nomads. Let’s not forget the Timurids nor the Seljuks in the East. The Berlin wall was torn down.

Please stop pretending walls have been relevant for defense since the advent of gunpowder, siege warfare and mobility.


Oh, I almost forgot. The walls of the Vatican didn’t stop Landsknechts from sacking Rome and the Vatican.