The American Peoples Money

Billions are spent on the illegal immigration problem while our bridges crumble.

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Ahhh… the dreaded triple negative. Impressive.

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I’m trying to help clean up the swamp on here.

There isn’t any Politician that keeps every single one of their

You’re making an excellent case for the 2nd Amendment. Well done.

I’m not ganna lie. I’m single. Women who love the 2nd Amendment, and enjoy
going to the firing range are that much more appealing to me!

According to you the 2nd isint needed.

Well, that’s wrong. What else you got?

You have stated that there is no right to life, so there is no right to defend it.

Illogical. There is no right to children. I have a right to defend them. Even if they aren’t mine. In fact, I have a legal right to defend your life.

Was there no right to defend Life on 9-11?

Is there no right to defend life in Wars, such as World War II vs. the Nazi’s?

So are all of the Vets, and current active members of the Police force, Military and ICE, do they have no right to defend Americans?

If you have no right to life then you have no right to defend it. Sneaky believes there is no right to life.

I don’t think the American taxpayers should have the right to their hard earned money. They should simply just hand it over to Democrat Politicians to do what they want with.