The American Peoples Money


I didn’t ask about what goes on where you’re from.

I have no idea how to interpret most of your word salad.


You’re right. I was volunteering the information. :smiley:


They can, but they won’t for the wages paid to illegals.


You’re contradicting your Liberal friends.
Anyone that hires an illegal should be fined drastically, so it doesn’t
happen again.


Which still doesn’t change the fact that American’s won’t work for those wages.


If the companies such as people who build roofs hire 3 illegals at 5 dollars
an hour, instead of one American for 15 dollars, it’s ultimately going to ruin,
and undermine the manual labor of the American working class overtime.
I mean, why would any non-honest businessman want to hire an American for
any sort of work, that doesn’t require certain things like a degree, unless they had too?
When they can hire 3 illegals, compared to one American at the same price?
The whole thing is ridiculous! It undermines most Americans with jobs in general.

That’s just common sense. Those companies that hire illegals should be fined a huge amount of money, to the point where they weight their options and say hey, if I get caught doing this again, I might not only be fined, but the government will pull my licenses, and other things for being a legitimate business. Both sides of the spectrum do it.
But that is part of the reason that the wall hasn’t already been built, because you have Republicans that call themselves Conservatives in the Republican Party, but they’re really traitors to the Party, because they’d rally have open borders so they can have cheap manual labor, instead of getting the wall done years and years ago, like they should have done!

Your point is invalid, because Illegals shouldn’t be allowed those jobs in the first place because they’re here illegally. That is the first and major point. Therefore, once my major point would go into effect of the legality of the situation, employers would have to hire an America that costs more. End of story.


My point is valid because we don’t live in the world that shouldn’t, we live in the world that is.


Uuuuuuuuum What? lol.

I like how most of the time I’ll write paragraph after paragraph explaining
in great deal logical, and moral ideals, and then most of the time, I’ll get
a Sentence, or a handful of words spewed back at me from
Liberal Socialist Brainwashed Democrats on here.

I think that they hate me so much, mainly because I can out think them
most of the time, and am very Authentic, and honest, and truthful, with logic.

And just like Trump does that to the Liberal Politicians and mainstream media, it
drives them insane! and crazy and up the walls!


We deal with the world as it is, not as it should be.


You’re preaching to the quire buddy.
There is a two tear justice system in reality, where if you’re
a Republican in today’s society and a white man you’re automatically
a Racist, and a Sexist. If you’re a Republican Woman, you’re a traitor
to your sex. If you’re a Black or a Minority Republican, then you’re automatically
a traitor to your race. Those are the illogical rules, and non morality rules
of the Democrats.


I try and interpret most of your “word salads”.

Even though it seems like most Democrats hate me on here,
honestly, I do enjoy most of the time debating with ya’ll.

You can believe that or not.









So you don’t live in this world.


You’re still wrong.


Nope you gotta take the world as you find it.


I live in this world, do you?

I refuse to sit back and do nothing, simply accepting what Liberals try and
force down my throat.

Nope. In this corrupt world today, where it has gone further and further to the
left over the years, I will never “take the world as I find it.”

Especially while there is still a breath in my body. I have my Freedom of Speech
still, and I plan to use it!


They not only take millions more than giving, but cause a lot more problem
for this country as well. So with ICE, Border issues, illegal DRugs, Sex trafficking,
Sanctuary Cities, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re making Americans pay billions each year for these things.


The more money Illegal Immigrants make the American Taxpayers spend, and throw away,
on them, the more it fits into the Liberal Socialist Agenda of helping America
to go into more massive debt, and the sooner America will become
a Socialist country.

The more excuses and justifications the Dem Politicians will be able to come up
with money wise.