The American Peoples Money


You were complaining about Democrats wanting to take care of the rest of the world…I was pointing out that Conservatives are just as happy spending our money taking care of others.


And you said Israel. That’s one. I’m talking about every country in the world!

Or we could always just be like Obama, and go on an apology tour? lol.
We are soooo sorry that we didn’t let you **** enough. What can we do to earn your
forgiveness? More money? sure.

Or we could ask the United Nations and see what they think about paying what they
actually need to pay for their share? Of course under Trump he changed that, and
made sure that now they’re going to do their share.


It can bankrupt a town and a country, illegal immigration is a problem to the point more monies go to illegal immigration then our roads and bridges, nothing is free!


Where I come from, small town flyover country, the local economy would be devastated without illegal immigration. Packing plants, hog confinements, you name it. Out of business.


If they are hiring illegal aliens they deserve to be out of business!!


Believe it. All the middle class jobs they support, the local businesses, school districts, house builders, hospitals. They’ll all be taken out too. Is that what you want? Destroy a community? For what?


Can you provide an example of a country going bankrupt due to illegal immigration? Why are people with no power or representation a bigger problem for you than the crumbling infrastructure you just mentioned?


More money going out to services like healthcare and so on that it robs tax dollars from our infrastructure.
Have you looked at our bridges lately? That’s a no brainier.


So, no answer on the first question. Why would your party slash taxes if there isn’t enough money to build roads? I think we lost more revenue from tax cuts than illegals.


Have you looked at our bridges lately?


Infrastructure is funded by gas taxes, is it not?


Weak af my guy


Then it looks like we are spending our infrastructure money on something else like illegal immigration.


“It looks like”.

Out of curiosity, did you ever actually look at how that money is being spent?

Illegal immigrants pay gas taxes, by the way. Ironic, I know.


Will this work.


They take more then they give.


I wouldn’t be so sure about that.


Why couldn’t American citizens do the same jobs as those illegals can?

You’d prefer to give jobs to people from other countries, over people
in America? You do live in America correct?


There aren’t enough people to do those jobs. They simply don’t exist. This is rural America I’m talking about.

In all honesty though, Trump could devastate their economy, but I think they’d still vote for him.


I live in a rural area of America. There is usually always enough people to do
those jobs.

So yes, yes, they do exist. Aliens, No, No, they don’t exist.
There’s simply no concrete evidence of them existing.

I thought under Trump that Hispanic jobs were at it’s highest of all time?
I’m sure that we don’t need Illegals doing those jobs, when American citizens
need a job. I guess Democrats, and Democrat Politicians would prefer
to give jobs away to foreigners? Is it kind of like how Democrat Politicians
prefer shipping jobs out of this country to China, Japan, and Mexico?

Which ultimately screws our economy. I think that Pelosi wants to take
back our scraps. You know, all that extra money people got back on their taxes?
Well, they may be scraps to the Democratic Party, because they have so much
money and so many Lobbyists like Facebook and Amazon, and George Soros
that are Extremely rich, but for the rest of the real world, and the average person,
it was nice to get that much money.