The American Peoples Money


I’m just funnin’ ya.

Do you know whether voter fraud is part of the culture in Mexico and CA?


cool. Sounds ya know. Fun. lol.

Is voter fraud part of the culture in Mexico? I have no idea, and frankly that’s their problem,
not ours.

Is voter fraud party of California? I would most definitely have to say yes, because
of all of the illegal immigrants, and that it’s a Democratic Socialist run state.


You voted for Bill Clinton bro


May I ask whom you voted for?


What about a woman’s word?

Doesn’t a woman’s word matter to you also?


I don’t vote.


May I ask why? I mean isn’t it some what hypocritical to put down someone for voting for Bill Clinton, when you didn’t vote at all?


How many ears must one man have before he can hear people cry?


I chose none of the evils. So no, I’m not the hypocrite. And you fell into your own trap by thinking you’re actually clever by bringing up Bill Clinton. You voted for a version of him, just with an R next to his name.


Yes, Open borders is killing children. Build the wall…




Really? How so? Bill Clinton raped an underaged girl at fantasy island.

To me anyways, when a person doesn’t vote, and then lectures others what they
should believe, and how they should vote is a hypocrite.


My guy, what do you think Trump was doing with Epstein?


You didn’t explain anything. All you said was my guy?

I’d really enjoy and prefer to have an intellectual debate with you, but
when you keep so many things vague, and short, it’s hard to understand what you mean?

So I shall refer back to the post of what I just asked you before, and hope that we can go from there, and hope that we can continue to talk more about the subjects.


Thank you. I guess my New York was too strong to be clearly understood?



You do that and they will just change how they send money home to avoid the tax.


I dunno. What do you think brought Bill Clinton, and what is her name on the landing strip?

Do you think that they were really just talking about their grandchildren?
That is what a phone is for.

Than again Al Gore and global warming right? Why talk on the phone, when
you can contribute to global warming? private jet flights.


It’s killing Americans financially also.

The Democrat Politicians think that Americans should pay for everything
for the rest of the world.


Israel is on line one…they want to know where to return all those dollars Republicans keep demanding we send them.


What? 10 Char