The "Alt-Right" is NOT on the Right

That’s correct. Many in leadership of the Alt-Right don’t want the bill of rights, are for single payer government only run healthcare, are not for free speech, & ultimately want to end gun rights. They are more fascistic left than anything else. Sean found that out himself in interviews & research. Neo-NAZI’s, white supremacist’s, & such are more for populist socialism like that NAZI’s were. Yes, Virginia: Hitler really was a socialist - TheBlaze

I agree that the Alt-Right isn’t the direction that the Political Right wants to go.

They should not cater to their wishes or politics.

Not even a little.


It’s as if Operation Hummingbird never happened in this fantasy.

I think Beck pushes the the narrative that Thanksgiving was a celebration of triumphing over Socialism.

The right is not “right” anymore… the whole lot. Populism and Trump are your new masters.

That’s right, just keep telling yourself that. I was telling myself that ten years ago.

The “Alt-Right” is not the Right; it’s just the core.


The alt-right is as radical as far leftists, the crazy :crazy_face: pendulum swings both ways but its the socialist far leftists that control pop culture, academia and entertainment so they are more dangerous IMO.

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I beg to differ.

I remember when the far left were crazy for wanting to ban smoking in restaurants. Now, no one bats an eye. They just go outside to smoke.

The far right want to ban people from voting and direct democracy. (ie. Florida, Michigan)

I think the far right is much more dangerous.


They are also very pro-abortion, but I really don’t like the term alt-right because some will randomly group a psycho like Richard Spencer with a right wing person like Ben Shapiro. I have even heard Tucker Carlson labeled alt-right by some media outlets.

Whatever term you want to call them they are part of the gop base…


Im sorry who was pushing that jade helm crap again?


No they aren’t.

Just because you don’t believe it, doesn’t make it not true.

I’ve provided evidence to support my argument in the past. The OP alludes to some of that. Many of the leaders have more in common with LW political ideology than with RW political ideology.

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Lol at this thread

It’s chuckleworthy.

Ah spring is truly here.

The first Bizarro “Radical righties are actually radical lefties” thread has blossomed!

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Yes, they are.

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There wouldn’t have been a Charlottesville without Trump, according to Richard Spener.


Whatever, the left isn’t left anymore, they are socialists headed for dictatorship.