The Afghanistan bait and switch

Does anybody remember why we went to Afghanistan? I do. We were led to believe that it was to annihilate everyone who was involved in 911. We did it! Congratulations to us! All of the leadership is dead. From the top man, his lieutenants his financiers and planners. All dead or at Gitmo. And their fighters? Some have scattered into the woodwork, but tens of thousand have been sent off to meet Allah. War over right? Not so fast. Now the bait and switch. Now we are being told that we cannot leave until the government and people of Afghanistan love and support the U.S. What the Hell? Why is that part of the deal? And why were we not told of this goal before we dropped the first bomb?

It’s time to declare victory and leave. Being friends with the Afghans should not be a requirement. They do not have the capability to strike us. Unless they can sneak a sledgehammer on board to bash down the cockpit door, commercial airliners are out. We won. It’s time to leave.

Live Fire Exercise

Not exactly. I have been in live fire exercises. Typically nobody dies.

They do in this Live Fire Exercise. lol


We have our own deserts we can practice in. And our troops are allowed to see women in bikinis rather than burkas. No sense in going to the other side of the world.

Our deserts don’t shoot back. There are no bombs tucked under our women. Persian tactics constantly evolve.

We certainly aren’t trying to win anything over there. We sure do get a lot of moving target practice though. Or did.

As a former Marine I will tell you that without a shadow of a doubt that the military wants to have low risk exercises. They would prefer zero casualties. Afghanistan is pointless. We have already won.

OK. The live fire exercise in Afghanistan says differently. We never once tried to win that war and all.

We did try. And we succeeded. We killed everybody involved in 911. Every one of the goals have been met. Remember, when we went in, nobody told us that we were not leaving until there was a stable government friendly to the U.S. They were not honest with us.

I appreciate the optimism. Some of my Infantry buddies are still participating in the Live Fire Exercise. Say a prayer or two for them.

It’s not optimism. It’s an undeniable fact. We have pretty much wiped out everyone involved with 911. We certainly accomplished our stated goal. I have a nephew in Afghanistan as we speak.

OK. Live Fire Exercise continues on.

It’s not a live fire exercise. You made that up. My 1st. Lieutenant Army Ranger nephew doesn’t believe that he is there for practice. With all due respect. I think his opinion carries a little more weight than yours. It’s a quest to achieve a political goal that the Afghan people don’t seem to want. (I didn’t make that up)

If you say so. I participated in it.

Who told you it was an exercise? Your C.O? Or did you simply make an assumption that a conspiracy was going on?

I’m not using other people’s experiences to tell you about Afghanistan. I’m using my own.


You skipped my question. I will answer yours. But you don’t get to skip mine first.

No, I’m starting to think you’ve never even been over there. I’m not gonna waste time watching you get upset about my experience on the matter. :man_shrugging:

Why won’t you answer a question about your experience?

Who told you it was an exercise? Your C.O? Or did you simply make an assumption that a conspiracy was going on?

Like I said, I have actual experience there. You have a nice day.