The Admin wants 75 Million for Hamas. What about democracy?

The sock puppet admin wants to reward Hamas and Iran for attacking Israel by giving them 75 million dollars. Now we all can guess what they will do with the money. Rebuild their military.

Why doesn’t the admin make this money contingent on elections in palestine?
Don’t they believe in Democracy? Perhaps the known spy for Iran, John Kerry is pushing this bill. Who knows?


Calling Biden a dumbass is an insult to dumbasses.


Biggest Idiot Dems Ever Nominated… BIDEN


Most corrupt: A tie between Hillary and Joe.

Dumbest: This guy.


damn democrats love those terrorists. gawd

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(D)himmis can’t function without terrorists in their corner.

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While i don’t agree with the funding being sought, they are hardly the only terrorist forum we send copious dollars to.

Part of a much bigger problem.

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Aside: if only we could get all the terrorists addicted to playing Civilization (etc) … it’s hard to go out and blow something up when there’s that “just one more turn”…

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Yep nothing like turn based strategy to keep them stuck inside for hours instead of climbing monkey bars with kalashnikovs


Well, I didn’t say the odds were good.

… to paraphrase South Park: how do you get them to have no life … so they don’t kill?

I saw a picture of these clowns having their victory parade after they were bombed into submission. They were all proudly displaying their AK’s. The rifles were all in great shape! Never fired, only dropped once.

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from your article

“we will work with partners to ensure that Hamas does not benefit from these reconstruction efforts,” Blinken said.

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A mosey with guns … somewhere a drill sergeant is either laughing his head off or crying … maybe laughing so hard he’s crying…

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The strategic interests and situational ethics a super power must deal with are daunting. In a perfect world, I subscribe to Jimmy Carter’s, ‘we only give you dough if you have a good human rights record’ philosophy. But that hurt him.


It’s amazing isn’t it Hamas are jihadists as best who the moment they came to power started to purge the opposition. Everything the left says they stand for like gay rights is a capital offense there. If you are gay in Palestine you have two choices move to Israel or get thrown from a building. Let’s send them 75 million from taxpayers, that’s some high level thinking right there.


Democrats want to make sure Hamas replenishes their stock of rockets. There’s no other viable explanation at this point.

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Good Lord. Are their people around who STILL believe a word of what this professional liar says?

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And he’ll fail, because that never happens. Ever.

I wouldn’t focus on Hamas but rather our entire, complex morally compromised relationship we have with the region. A murdered journalist. Hamas. Etc. Etc. 70 years.

The bigger question is why has every US administration gone soft on Hamas’s patrons?