The $64 trillion question: When will a vaccine be available?

You’re way the hell off attempting to trash Fauci. He’s been dead on from the start given the available data at any given time.

Every time you enter new data in a model the outcome will change and the data changes by the hour.

Excellent Saffy.

Solid all around.

Sorry, Fauci is a Deepstate traitor after allowing NIH to fund caronaviruse resresearch in Wuhan China after is was banned in the US in 2015.

The man has some explaining!

Got a link to them saying that? Neither Brix or Fauci ever said a vaccine would be available this year

Already provided numerous times. Not playing fetch for you again.

No point in doing so for disingenuous posters.

You were wrong as usual. Fauci never said this year. He has repeatedly said 12-18 months

The first human trial testing a potential vaccine to prevent COVID-19 is “on track” with public distribution still projected in 12 to 18 months, which would be the “ultimate game changer” in the fight against the pandemic, White House health advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci said Wednesday.

“Public distribution” assuming another outbreak doesn’t occur this fall.

The first human trials are already underway and he minced no words that we’ll see it in wide distribution for HCW’s and FR’s this fall if the trials go well and there’s another outbreak.

The FDA has removed as much red tape as they are willing to and it will be rushed to full distribution if we’re facing another pandemic in the fall.

You are all out by yourself on that one. Fauci never said a vaccine will be available this year. He has maintained the 12-18 month timeline which is already expedited. Fail

Yet the quote i provided numerous times shows he did.

I’ll take him at his word over you any day.

He has no issues with insincerity or ingenuousness.

No they’re actually bearing out.

Why do you think they are wrong?

How many times has he changed the numbers on predicated deaths?

He’s a fear monger pushing those numbers obviously.

And those words have continually been 12-18 month, not the unsupported assertion of this year

Plenty of anything that might help for sure.

Everyone knows that was from alien technology

He’s done so repeatedly and completely appropriately as he had new data to run in the model.

The early predictions were worst case scenarios that didn’t include mitigation or any effective treatments because there were none at the time.

You’re out of your lane and deep in the weeds here Hopper.

No link, no date, no source.

What a shock.

One has to take into account there might not be a vaccine just like there isn’t one for two similar viruses SARS and MARS both of which has been around over a decade.

Agreed, that why we were given the accelerated timetable of 12-18 months instead of the normal 6 to 10 years

Sorry, that’s funny. On multiple levels.

No one has successfully produced a vaccine for a coronavirus, although there was good amount of work on vaccines for SARS and MERS. Those diseases disappeared before a vaccine got into production.

My understanding is that coronaviruses include many types of cold viruses. The body generally develops only a short-term immunity to colds, and the viruses frequently mutate so that multiple vaccinations may be required to keep immunity.

There was some early suggestions that an existing prototype SARS vaccine may be effective against COVID-19, but I have seen nothing recently about that idea.