The 2021 NFL Season

The 2021 NFL season kicks off tonight with the defending Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers hosts the Dallas Cowboys.

My playoff team predictions:
Tampa Bay
Green Bay
L.A. Rams
New Orleans

Kansas City
New England

Super Bowl Predictions:
Chiefs over Bucs

My prediction for tonight is that the Bucs will stomp the Cowboys.

The two same teams meeting in the SB two years in a row has only happened once in 50+ years. I hope you’re not a gambler. :slight_smile: :smiley:

On the other hand, A team that didn’t make the playoffs in 2020 appearing in the 2021 SB has a slightly better than 50% chance.

So this is why all of Facebook seems to be trashing on the Cowboys this week. :rofl:

Green bay was embarrassing.

I don’t know why. They lost to Tampa in Tampa on a last second FG.

I’m a life long fan… 2 L’s in a row is childs play…lol

Steelers get ■■■■■■ again.

With Green Bay up four points and 20 seconds to go in the first half, Packers kicker Mason Crosby had his 31-yard field goal attempt blocked by Minkah Fitzpatrick and returned 75 yards for a touchdown. A potential seven-point Packers halftime lead would have flipped in the Steelers’ favor. But that momentum-swinging touchdown was called back due to an offsides penalty on Joe Haden.

The problem: It sure looked like the officials missed the call.

Screwed the Steelers and didn’t call ■■■■ on GB… this crew will have the Super Bowl this year, guaranteed.

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Unless the player was lined up in the neutral zone, it wasn’t off sides. And the refs didn’t say it was a neutral zone infraction. Anyone watching can see that the players moved when the ball moved.

The refs should not be throwing flags on assumptions. Just another trash call to add to the list. Oh, and, I’m a Cowboys fan.

I’m just happy Miles Garrett didn’t rip off Ben’s helmet and try to hit him with it. Classless piece of ■■■■■

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Wow… what a gift to the Lions. Wish the Steelers had that mojo working for them. Phantom roughing the kicker call.

Surprised that sack wasn’t roughing the passer.

Two offensive pass interference calls that were complete ■■■■■■■■ too. Let’s see what penalty the Steelers get called for on this third down.

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They have their hands full with the winless Lions and no Roethlisberger.

Should be a fun finish.

I have faith that the Steelers will find a way to lose this game.

I am laughing cause you are right. The Lions are due. Hidden vigorish as the old Gunner used to say.

Watched 4th quarter and OT.

Have to say neither team deserved to win so a tie was appropriate. Boswell wasn’t kicking a 58 yard FG at end so turnover didn’t matter.

Najee elbowed in the head with a flying elbow from the Chargers… getting evaluated for a concussion. Flag on the play? Of course not. It was a Steeler. Heyward took too long to get up after tackling the quarterback after being pushed back on him and he gets flagged.

Nothing will happen to the Charger who threw the elbow either. Guaranteed.

If a Steeler had done that he’d be out of the game.

And another leading with the helmet shot. No flag.

This game is ■■■■■■■ rigged. No call. ■■■■ these refs.

Yeah, that was bad.

It’s just good to know that play isn’t a penalty. Steelers should be able to throw flying elbows at their opponents from now on, right? Since nothing happened as a result of this.

That guy needs a fine and a suspension.