The 2020 election question: Are you ready for $6 a gallon gas?

This thread is dedicated in loving memory of AvergBear. R.I.P.

And yes, the above opinion piece is purely a desperate act of throwing ■■■■ at the wall and seeing if it sticks.

But since it reminded me of such a long ago thread, I just could not resist. :smile:


Sorry to hear he’s passed. Was this recently?

I knew he had heart disease. Rest In Peace.

No definite word of his death, but it has been presumed he passed some time ago, while the old board was still up. I knew he was not doing good at all health wise.

The presumption of his death is strong enough, particularly give the passage of time.

Socialist dystopia!

$6 gal/gas!

Man on dog!



Harold Hamm of all people should want higher energy prices, Continental Resources is just around the corner from bankruptcy under Trump. All my homies still in oil and gas would love that (the ones still working have taken pay cuts of up to 50%) and the 100K out of work since the beginning of the year could go back to work.

You’ve forgotten death panels for Granny & the Obama kids had the nerve to dress nicely in gowns for…a formal event :exploding_head:

I’m sorry the man was so ill & maybe passed, but much of his material was along the lines of I’m sorry, what? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

May he rest in peace.


The price of gay is going to skyrocket


I remember the exact price he quoted was $7.16 a gallon. I remember because the price dropped to $1.76 at a station around here in the last few months. I thought he had the right numbers, just in the wrong order.