The 2018 NFL Season Thread


Good luck. I mean it, I’d like to see the Chiefs in the SB.


Yes, they certainly do. But ultimately it’s the coach who pays the price when the team has a terrible season.


You’ve waited long enough Nik. I am sure pulling for KC in the AFC. You’ve got the amazing Mahomes, my worry about the team is their defense.


I’d like to see a chiefs rams super bowl.


Anyone besides the Chargers.


How about anybody but the Patriots? Aren’t people fatigued from seeing them in it every year?


I hate the Patriots almost as much as I hate the Chargers.


For all his talent he’s a whiny diva. This isn’t unusual behavior for him.

I’m just glad it happened after the fantasy championships as he pretty much single handedly won my work league championship for me with his out of this world performance in week 16.


raises hand


I think Big Ben is too. The Steelers have problems


rating way up for NFL in 2018.

“Remember when the NFL “was dying” last year because of a dip in ratings? Hopefully you saw through that ridiculous agenda because it was never rooted in any truth.”

raises hand. I did.





Trump supporters grudgingly skulking back to watch the games.


No desire to watch the playoffs after the shafting the Steelers got in terms of refereeing this year. But if you have to go back 13 years to show the last time the Steelers got a beneficial call, that only strengthens my point.


Weekend picks:

Colts over Texans.

Eagles over Bears. Hypothetical question. If Nick Foles for a 2nd year in a row pulls off a superbowl win do the Eagles keep him instead of Carson Wentz?

Seahawks over Cowboys

Chargers over Ravens.

Yep, I picked all the road teams.


That’s pretty bold.

If you get the Seahawks right I’ll give you a pass on all the rest. :wink:


I hear the refs have already penalized the Steelers 100 yards in their opening game of the next regular season to commemorate the league’s 100th year.

Those bastards!


I believe it. Or already have a BS PI call ready, or let the Steelers opponent get away with something obvious and egregious.


I’m pretty sure the refs are also behind the Antonio Brown tantrum and will force the Steelers to trade him for peanuts.

Then during the offseason they’ll do a Tonya Harding to JuJu’s knee so the Steelers won’t have any receivers.


What really pisses me off is that fact that Pittsburgh has never won an NBA title.



I hope not. They better trade Foles ASAP!