The 2018 NFL Season Thread


Saints are phoning it in, and it’s hard to blame them. Nothing to play for.


Just heard that the refs broke into Antonio Brown’s house last night and whacked his knee with a bat to keep him from playing and ensure that the Steelers would lose today. Once again the Steelers have to beat the other team and the refs.


Giants playing for pride today. A Dallas loss is a good thing, any time.


Suffering through the what is likely the last game for Ryan Tannehill as QB of my Dolphins. Maybe even Adam Gase’s last game as coach.

I feel bad for Tannehill as I think he’s gotten a raw deal his whole career. He consistently had horrible offensive lines which have turned him into a pinata with regularity. And his best receivers would be 2 or 3’s on other teams.

Its widely assumed he’ll be cut rather than the Dolphins paying him next year as the team will save $13 million against the cap by cutting. I’m just not sure there is a better available option. Foles is the obvious name but I’m not sure we can afford him. Bridgewater maybe.


Yep. If I’m correct, Pittsburg not only must win but they need help from the Browns.


Exactly. That was my thought when I heard the score. Plus I’m sure they are resting Brees and some other guys. No point in risking injury if the outcome doesn’t matter.


The second half has definitely been more exciting than the first. And yeah, the game doesn’t mean anything.

I will be alternating between KC and Pittsburg this afternoon. Can’t miss out on Patrick Mahomes.


Both the Chiefs and Chargers have to show up against bad teams today if they want to win the division. I’m thinking they both win their respective games, and the Chiefs win the division based on the better division record.


That was a fantastic throw by Prescott and catch by Beasley.


They got the 2 point conversion!


I will be shocked if KC loses today. It’s a home game, plus they lost their last two. Last thing any team wants is to go into the playoffs after dropping their last three.

Plus as you say the Raiders are awful. So are the 49ers, so there is no reason for either KC or LA to lose.

I can’t stand the Raiders, but won’t miss a chance to watch Mahomes.


Cowboys win. Now it’s Patrick Mahomes time.


And it begins with the biased ref calls. Vance McDonald didn’t flinch causing a false start, a ref came out of nowhere and pushed him but was so fast we didn’t see it.


Big Bens’ interception results in a TD.

Trying to follow four games at the same time isn’t easy… I had forgotten all about the Vikings game.


Time for the Chiefs to pull Mahomes even it is early 2nd quarter. They are up 21-0. If somehow the Raiders make it close they can always put him back but their playoff hopes hinge on him so I wouldn’t risk him especially given how hapless the Raiders look with three turnovers on three drives so far.


I agree. You don’t risk an injury, especially to a marquee player, when the outcome is meaningless. KC is playing for the #1 seed, but as you say being up so much it’s highly, highly unlikely they are going to lose now, even though they aren’t even at half time yet.


Well I think the Vikings are going to lose. They sure don’t look impressive today.


I’m surprised the Pats kept Brady in as long as they did.


When is Brady ever on the sidelines? They were playing for the bye, but were against a weak opponent. The game ended up being a rout.

The Saints must have rested Brees and a few others, it’s the smart thing to do once you’ve clinched the #1 seed.


TD for Larry Fitzgerald, another one of my favorite players.

Rumor is the Cardinals coach is going to be fired after today’s game.