The 2018 NFL Season Thread


Oh, now the refs know what a false start is. Too bad they forgot that during the Chargers game.


Two consecutive calls in the Steelers favor. What happened?


Of course it’s not pass interference.


The refs rubbed the ball down with vaseline before placing the ball down…


Losing two fumbles in the 4th quarter… ugh.


All joking aside, that was a hell of a good game.

Now I have to get supper ready as company is coming to watch the Seattle. KC game.


Thankfully the saints won so the kidnapped kids of the refs can be safely returned…


Well they did hand NO a free touchdown in the first quarter and a free first down when they needed it in the fourth.




I am done with football.


And the refs hamd the first two packer games to their opponents on the bad clay matthews roughing calls…

I dont view it as some vast conspiracy tho…


Tight battle between the Chiefs and Hawks


LOL. 9 total penalties against the Saints and only 6 against the Steelers. Yet the game is somehow rigged against the Steelers.


Some team, is going to throw a 2nd rounder or more at the 49ers for Nick Mullens. That kid has looked great and is proof how the QB draft process can be a crapshoot. But if I’m the 49er coach I’m not sure I want to trade him because Garrappolo contract or not I think I just might want to keep him and see if he can beat Jimmy G in training camp.


Saints record and point differential is gaudy. Makes me wonder where the St. Louis Rams were at this point during the heyday of the Greatest Show on Turf.


What an exciting game it was. Mahomes and Wilson are two dynamic QB. Nice at the end when they traded jerseys.

Seattle has secured a wild card spot, and KC will be the #1 seed, assuming a win next week. Since it’s a home game against the Raiders it would be shocking if they lost.


Yeah, including a 50 yard pass interference call in the end zone against the Steelers that was complete ■■■■■■■■■


Handed the Saints a touchdown. Just like the Chargers game and obvious missed false start. Free points for Steelers opponents.


And as I pointed out to you the same week as the Chargers game there were blatant bad or missed calls in at least 4 other games that same weekend which arguably cost teams games. It happens every single game to every single team. As to your earlier whine about why it never happens in the Steelers favor I again as I have many times bring up Superbowl XL where the Steelers were giftwrapped a Lombardi trophy by the refs.


Well this Cowboy/Giants game is booooooooring. I guess the fact there are no playoff implications doesn’t help either.
The major ones are coming up later, with the Vikings, Eagles and Pittsburg plus the night game.

Can’t believe Sunday night football comes to an end on NBC tonight. :cry:


AFC North will provide the drama later. If we can get Baltimore and Cincinati to win, we’ll be entertained all summer with anti-Pittsburgh conspiracy theories.