The 2018 NFL Season Thread


It won’t last. There will be a phantom or missed call in the Saints favor that will hand the game back to them. Like that “pass interference” call earlier in the game.


It should be 28-17 right now.


Told you. Just hand it to the Saints.


The fix is in. Pittsburg just got flagged again.


I called it. Look a few posts up. Every time the Saints need help they get it from the refs.


There is no justice in this world. Pittsburg will never be allowed to win another game.


Here’s another one on the Steelers.


Oh, a call against the Saints? The officials must be confused.


Woah, no flag on that play? It’s a ■■■■■■■ miracle!


This is an absolute travesty.


I’m waiting to see if the officials are taken off the field in handcuffs if the Steelers manage to win.


The NFL wants to hand the AFC Central to the godforsaken Ravens.

I am done with this league and this sport. First they disrespect the flag, and then they sabotage the Steelers, YET AGAIN.

Is there no league where a Pittsburgh team can find justice?


How wasn’t that offensive pass interference? Compared to what they called on Haden earlier in the game…


Still waiting on a call that will hand the Steelers points this year.


Maybe they will find justice if they get an XFL team. We can only hope.


Oh no. They just gave the TD to NO.


Well the Saints got two timely and very effective penalty calls this game, exactly when they needed them. Amazing how that seems to happen with Steeler opponents.


It’s useless Big Ben, the game is fixed.


flips table



There will be another penalty called on the Steelers, it’s a guarantee. The Saints need there to be one, so it will happen.