The 2018 NFL Season Thread


Another game to watch.
Houston Texans vs, New England Patriots. Watson and the Texans almost beat the Pats last season. Hopefully, their defense will learn from that game.

Let’s see who will catch Brady passes now the Edelman is suspended for the first 4 games.


Another interesting game tomorrow is the Vikings vs the 49ers. We will see if Garoppolo is worth that huge contract.


NFL Sunday is finally back!

We ready
We ready
We ready, for you all.


So pumped for bears packers tonight


Congrats I guess to the Browns for not losing???


How to describe the Cowboy’s offense at halftime???



One might even go so far to say, it’s MEDIOCRE!!!

(Just my impression of Daffy Duck. :smile: )

Seriously though, mediocre would be an unwarranted complement at this point. :smile:


The Browns tied the Steelers on Week 1.


The people of Cleveland are going to host a parade.


I ******* HATE TIES!!!

The NFL should adopt the college overtime system and they should play until there is a winner. There should NEVER be a tie, ever.


And more injuries. Remember, we care about CTE.

Plus, I don’t want NFL games to go on forever.


Cardinals fans booing, kind of humorous considering everyone knows Sam Bradford is awful.


College ties are general resolved within three OT rounds which are not overly long.


I couldnt believe that pick at the end of the 4th. Oh wait yes I could


I agree, especially with a 16 game season


They shortened the OT period for safety reasons.


I agree, watching the Cowboys offense is painful.


They have already improved on last season. :joy:

Considering they held a very decent team to a tie, they should be quite pleased. I agree with those that say the NFL should not allow a game to end in a tie. I also think the Browns are going to win a few games this year.

The Denver/Seattle game was quite entertaining, even tough both teams made some big mistakes. I’m not surprised Denver won.

Very happy the Vikings won their game. Next week they play the Packers.

Tonight’s game should be interesting, considering quite a few people think Chicago will be much more competitive this season.


It’s the 100th season for the Packers! Amazing.

That new open with Carrie Underwood was the worst lip syncing I’ve seen since watching a 1950s movie.


What a brutal night for the packers


Wow! Packers getting smoked and Rodgers out with an injury.


If you’re in one of those survival fantasy leagues, I think a strategy of streaming teams against the Bills is solid.