That's a Stupid Question

The questions was. “Do you want him to reign in Mueller”? NO…is the answer.

So what you are saying is that it is a Stupid question because it forces Trump into a lie. Then isn’t the placement of Whitaker as acting AG a lie. He doesn’t want him to be AG…he just wants him to knock Mueller out of his investigation…so what Trump deems a Stupid question is actually a very smart questions…it’s just one he doesn’t want to answer…

And then you carry his water for him by continuing to say it is a stupid question…thereby belittling the woman who asked it.

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So it is not a stupid question. It’s a well thought out question to try to get to the truth.

Shame on her for asking.


Yeah, I mean, he just fired Sessions and replaced him with a loyalist who might not even be able to hold the office legally but does publicly attack Mueller in op-eds but he mustn’t be questioned because it’s not polite.


Lmao that’s not at all what she asked. And you’re ignoring the context of a new AG being appointed after firing the old one. But yea go for a walk and think about why you feel the need to defend scum politicians that cant be straight with the American people

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No, it was not a stupid question (with the caveat unless he had just been asked the same question several times).
In fact, it was the opportunity to say “No. I want him to use his professional judgment to perform his job”.

Well, in a sense it was a stupid question because that is the pat answer you would expect someone in Trumps situation to answer.

Its almost like Trump doesn’t like CNN.

Lib journalists trying to bully trump into a gotcha moment with juvenile questions all day and night. Its insane. Just let the man do his job and cover the real stories.

It’s a simple question, and a question that must be asked. To see how Trump will answer it. To get him on the record, whether with a “no,” a “yes,” or some version of “go ■■■■ yourself,” which is how President Scared ■■■■■■■■ answered it. He should be asked the question every day, twice on Sundays.

I really don’t understand where some of these trump supporters get their non logic. It’s actually amazing to witness the hoops they jump through for the most disgusting thing to ever inhabit the White House. And that includes the rats they had in 19th century.

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“Bully trump”. :rofl:

Getting people on the record with answers to questions that we all know the real answer to is part of her job.

It was and is a very good question.

Your example of “Do you wish you weren’t being investigated?” is a correct example of a stupid question, but it is a really poor comparison to the question that was asked.

There is no consequence in the responses to the examples you posed, which is not true of the question she asked.

She really hit a nerve with that question. Easily triggered today.

Of course he want him to reign in Mueller!! Whitaker was selected specifically for that.


Lefties have spent a year and a half treating Mueller like he’s the new 4th Branch morning of government…and they’ve spent longer than that peddling this collusion crap. If I had a nickle for every post here and on the old forum, for every breathless pundit “Trumps going to fire Mueller!”, over and over and over…

And yet Mueller is still running his investigation in search of a crime. The whole thing is stupid…including the question what’s her name asked. I m sick of hearing it God knows how tired the president must be of the daily diatribe of Russia and Mueller.

Mueller has been at this for long enough.

Are you remotely aware that part of journalism is creating a public record?

He just fired his AG immediately after the Dems took the House… he knows he’s got a bumpy road ahead of him. Appoints a guy he says he doesnt know (even though that’s another lie, thank you public records) that is critical of Mueller’s investigation and believes he SHOULD BE REIGNED IN.

You really want to go the ■■■■■■■ Palin route and frame this as some sort of “gotcha” question? It’s a fair question, particularly in light of recent events.


Yeah, apparently your half doesnt think he should be held accountable for much of anything, let alone questioned about it…

How long did Benghazi go on and what were the findings?

Waaaaah they’re upsetting Trump! I don’t remembering the journalists cornering the President outside the White House and refusing to let him pass until he answers some questions.

I’m not a politician but off the top of my head, this is how I would answer if I was in his shoes:

"I’m glad you asked. One of the principles that we hold most dearly in this country is that each vote counts. It’s imperative that our election process is sacrosanct, unsullied by foreign interference. Not only does the process need to be secure, perception needs to match. Voters need to have confidence that the scale isn’t tipped by outside or hidden influence.

“Robert Mueller and his team are looking very closely into these matters. It’s important work that Mr Mueller is doing and I encourage him to be thoughtful, resourceful, and thorough. I am confident that Mr Mueller will find no evidence of collusion between my campaign and any Russian actors–independent or part of the state–and the sooner Mr Mueller can complete his investigation the sooner we, as a nation, can move on. No. I do not want our acting AG to reign in Mr Mueller. I welcome the exhaustive and expeditious completion of his investigation.”


I don’t think he could read that from a teleprompter…much less construct that response himself.

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And Starr’s political investigation was - IIRC - about 5 years.

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