That's a Stupid Question

You can’t be serious. “Do you wish you weren’t being investigated?” is right there with it.

It’s a grade school question. “Do you wish Robert would stop being mean?” Check yes or no.

Sometimes, someone needs to get the pres. to come straight and admit what he’s doing. Or he can take the 5th.

Omg you cant be serious that’s not what she asked at all.

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How? How in the hell does he answer that stupid question.

This is the dude that sicced the Secret Service on Eminem for his BET Awards freestyle last year. He’s a bully when he thinks he can get away with it.

My God.

He just appointed a new AG after firing the one he bashed for 365 days+ for not ending the Mueller investigation. Go trump amirite

I see you’re back running cover for idiot reporters.

No…and then he can just go on to someone else. It’s simple. NO

It’s a stupid question in the same way that an easy lay-up in the open court is a stupid basketball shot.

You’re defending a president, that just fired an AG, and appointed an AG to oversee an investigation into himself, where obstruction is a central issue, throwing a hissy fit because he reporter asked him if he intends to rein in the investigation. C’mon man lmao. Quit defending scum cowards


What was the question? “Do you wish you could rein in Mueller?”

No. “Trump lies!!!”

Yes. “Trump to fire Mueller!!!”

Quit defending idiot reporters.

Aweee the president cant be straight with the American people and you defend him. Party before country. MAGA

He’d be lying. Again.

It was an excellent question, which sheds light on Trump and his supporters like yourself, who dont care about what his plans are with the new AG

I’m not in a party, but your slip is showing.

So your position is that reporters shouldnt ask questions that presidents might lie about :rofl:


So he shouldn’t ever be questioned? Because his answers are lies nine out of ten times.

“Do you wish Robert wasn’t so mean?” An excellent question. :rofl:

“Do you wish you could have hid the blue dress?”

Trump has truly made half the country lose their collective minds.

Y’all have a nice day, I’m going for a walk.