That's a Stupid Question

A reporter asks Trump simply if he wants to reign in Robert Mueller. Trump immediately attacks it as a stupid question then begins personally attacking the reporter.

Ummm… seriously. What in the…


Because Trump is an arrogant self-important dick who’s MO is to belittle anyone who he thinks is his enemy or beneath him. He’s simply an narcissist and an ■■■■■■■■


It is a stupid question.

Fat donald is becoming unhinged. Not even Nixon acted this way when the ■■■■ hit his fan.


Oh c’mon, you’ve never had a bad boss that hides from the tough questions?

Stupid because the answer is yes, or stupid because the answer is no?

I’ve never had a boss that personally attacks someone because they’re too chicken ■■■■ to answer tough questions

But that’s what makes them a bad leader! :slight_smile:

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And that is an even more stupid answer. Simply say no. And go on to the next question. Why throw a crybaby fit like that. Oh…yeah…I remember why? Cuz he’s Trump.

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For someone who gives so many stupid answers you think he would be right at home with a stupid question. It was actually a valid question though. Trump should man up and answer it.

hmmmmm…women of color…but we’re not supposed to have a problem with this. They are just doing their jobs. The US government is responsible for allowing a hostile work environment to continue. Way to go Trump.

Come on man.

The worm is turning for Trump…and not in a good way I think?

Stupid questions and stupid answers just mean that everybody is stupid.

Hahaha you cant answer it either. It’s the perfect question because the answer should be NO

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If it is so stupid why don’t you explain it for the rest of us?


Why is it a stupid question? I see you’re back to running cover for trump

It’s a stupid question because trump is too much of a coward to answer