THAT’S HER PLAN? Sen. Warren Vows to Use ‘Super Duper Enforcement’ to Implement her ‘Wealth Tax’

Originally published at: THAT’S HER PLAN? Sen. Warren Vows to Use ‘Super Duper Enforcement’ to Implement her ‘Wealth Tax’ | Sean Hannity

Elizabeth Warren -once again- refused to outline specifics of her multi-trillion dollar proposals this week; saying her ‘Ultra Wealth Tax’ will be implemented on the richest Americans using “super duper enforcement.”

“Built write into the plan is super-duper enforcement. No more, you know, you assign two IRS agents to try and keep up with the whole thing. Nope! We put it right into the cost,” said Warren.

Elizabeth Warren’s “plan for that” is literally “super duper enforcement.”

You can’t make this up.

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A new study released by a bipartisan think-tank threw more cold water on Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s ‘Medicare for All’ proposal this week; saying it would be “impossible” to fund the plan by simply raising taxes on the wealthy.

“The report, published by the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, examines a variety of potential ways to raise the estimated $30 trillion over 10 years necessary to fund ‘Medicare-for-all,’ including a 32 percent payroll tax, a 25 percent income surtax and a 42 percent value-added tax. These methods could all raise $30 trillion, the report says, but there is no way for the federal government to bring in that much money simply by taxing rich people,” reports Fox News.

“There is not enough annual income available among higher earners to finance the full cost of ‘Medicare-for-All,'” it says. “On a static basis, even increasing the top two income tax rates (applying to individuals making over $204,000 per year and couples making over $408,000 per year) to 100 percent would not raise $30 trillion over a decade.”

How you finance #MedicareForAll matters A LOT.

For example, many option could lift marginal rates to or above revenue-maximizing levels, leaving little tax capacity to fund much of anything else.

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Warren has refused to comment on whether her massive healthcare proposal would ultimately raise taxes on all Americans -including the middle class.