That political hot potato, abortion

The Democratic presidential candidates all seem now to support late-term abortions even up to the moment of birth, which is ironic now because during the presidential debates between Trump and Hillary in 2016, Trump was roundly criticized by the Dems for suggesting the Dems would soon support abortion up to birth.

It should give the Dems pause though to consider the opinions of Americans are turning more and more against late-term abortions, and this includes the opinions of Democrats:

New poll: Big majorities of Democrats and young people reject late-term abortion.

You would think the Republicans would want to use this to their advantage then, that the Democratic candidates are supporting policies a majority of their own base doesn’t want.

But while it is mentioned almost in passing, it’s not a major focus of the Republicans arguments against the Democrats. Why, not? Perhaps the Reps don’t want to delve too deeply into the topic themselves. For a majority of Americans also don’t want a complete ban of abortion either. But if the Republicans attempted to argue they would be in favor first-trimester abortion it would leave them open to charges of hypocrisy since they claim abortion itself is immoral.

The Dems used to have the political high-ground on the issue since they favored the policy of first trimester abortions only, while the Reps favored a complete ban. But now both parties are taking extreme positions that most Americans don’t want.

My guess is both sides will have to go back to accepting the status quo of first-trimester abortions only, even if neither of the political leaderships of either party likes it.


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You think we should outlaw all late term abortions?

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And here we go! Everyone to their corners because we all know nobody is moving from them…

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If the woman’s life is in critical danger and this is the option her doctor suggests for her survival, I have no problem with it. If this is a decision being made by the woman at this late stage of the pregnancy, it should be outlawed and I am 100% against it. That’s murder, plain and simple. There should be a line drawn in the sand as to the last second a woman has the right to choose and then…poof…it’s over.


Pretty sure you can’t get a third trimester abortion for convenience currently.

What if the fetus is showing severe abnormalities as outlined in my link? Can the woman get a late abortion?

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Most Americans don’t take an absolutist view on abortion. But the issue needs to be addressed honestly and most late-term abortions are not for health reasons of the mother or baby:


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I am for later term abortion restrictions, but not an outright ban.

Good link!

When there are plastic drums filled with “product of abortions”, some lament the lost lives.

Some are concerned about the environmental impact from disposing of the plastic.