Thank you V.P. Pence!

Up to recently, I thought, he was a little boring. Maybe a little too uptight. Kinda Meh. But my opinion has certainly changed over the past few weeks. He has been lights out. An excellent leader and a fantastic administrator. This response has been just amazing. I don’t of of anybody who could have handled this assignment better. We are truly blessed to have him in this role.


I agree Pence has been doing a first rate job. He brings much needed gravitas, intelligence and ability to the office of President.

Trump looks like a bumbling fool next to him. Pence knows it, we know it, the only person that doesn’t is Trump.

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You do understand that Trump put this whole thing together right? Put the right talent in the right place. And is responsible for the whole organisation. You get that, right?




Comparatively speaking, Pence looks like the leader we all want during a crisis. I mean the bar isn’t very high, but I am glad he sticks to the message and deliver comments with confidence and intelligence.

I would never vote for him because of his social stances, but I appreciate his role in this.

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You should have stopped at the OP. Now you just went into LOLville

Maybe Pizza man thinks it all happened by Magic? Just like the economy? The unemployement rate? The killin of Baghdadi? It was all magic. :grin:

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Pence for president :thinking:

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Not only is it okay. It happens to be true. All of these people serve at the pleasure of the President. They were either appointed by him or appointed by someone he appointed. That’s just they way it works. Sorry,

He’s not running. Sorry about your luck. :weary:

Lol so when soemthing goes well he gets the credit but when one of his hires ■■■■■ up its not his fault, they are deep state of the swamp.

No Trump did not put the experts like Dr. Fauci together. They were already experts in their field. Only a ■■■■■■■ moron would not bring in the top talent.


oh darn…shucks…ok :sob:

Isn’t that your Obama standard? If not, what’s different?

Simma down. You sound angry. :grimacing:

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He knows.

Until something goes wrong, then it is, “I hardly knew him.Not sure if we ever met.”


Damn, the libs are bitter.

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