Thank You President Trump

I would love to hear from any liberals and Never-Trumpers who can admit President Trump did some stuff well.

#1 He successfully avoided escalation of war. Additionally his administration struck decisive blows against Islamic terrorism.

#2 He cut my taxes and sent me a stimulus check when I needed it.

#3 He never hid from the media. He is indisputably the most accessible President in history.

#4 He was a great ally to Israel. Our greatest ally I say.

I could list a dozen other things like great judges, distrust of the main stream media, and patriotic and Christian overtures. I could also list the reasons I voted against him, but I’ve been doing that for 4 years. Anybody else wanna say why President Trump deserved 70 million votes, the second largest in history, but not why he lost?


He didn’t back down and apologize when accused of being a racist - for saying things that needed to be said like how Baltimore is a ■■■■■■■■■■ and how Dems should never have allowed the mobs to destroy their cities. Perfectly true.

Unfortunately the same personality that allowed him to stand up to that sort of crap, doomed him and harmed our country, when it came to diplomacy in other matters.

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Energy Independent is a huge accomplishment.

He made immigration lawful and meaningful.

Wages were going up until fate and the virus upended progress.

Trump policy legacy will be positive.


Good point and I agree 70 million people are not racists. Calling people racist because they disagree with ideology is divisive.

Great point too.

Thank you Trump for bringing out the absolute worst in people to the point the needed to loudly broadcast how reprehensible they are. It has been a guidepost for knowing who to avoid and as a father raising a young toddler highlighted the behavioral standards I seek to encourage in my daughter. Trump has been a perfect exemplar of everything not to be in a person.


I appreciate the continuation of the anti ISIL campaign. That proceeded well.

I appreciate the military aid to Ukraine. Even though some took a while. Training and funding and weapons to Ukraine to fight Russian occupation is a good thing. I would be all in favor of an increase in that aid by the Biden administration.

I appreciate the military aid to Georgia(the country not the state). Again, part of their country is occupied by Russia and we continued to support them. I would be all in favor of an increase in that aid in the Biden administration.

Sentencing reform. That was a good thing. I’m frustrated that the Republican senate would only do it with a Republican senate. Could have easily happened under Obama.

I appreciate the increased funding to the Defense Department, but again, if Clinton has been elected that was going to happen. Both parties were clamoring for increased military spending. But the Pentagon has to shift to being ready to deal with Russia and China and that costs money.

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He prevented war with a nuclear-capable country.


You can’t even thank him for Dr Fauci or Dr Birx? Nothing over 4 years? You’re stone cold.

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Excellent additions and thank you. I could also praise the Veteran’s Affairs overhaul…perhaps started by Obama, but improved by President Trump.

First Step Act
Didn’t change for anyone
Was actually kind of funny

That’s it.


Damn, that is admittedly a challenge. I will take a page from some Trump supporters, and focus on policy not the person to give this an honest shot.

  1. There’s been no (formally declared) war under Trump. I’m only willing to give him half credit for this, because I remain unconvinced long term global stability has benefited from his 4 years in office. The effects may not be known for some time.

  2. I did receive a stimulus check.

  3. Trump was never terribly devious about who and what he is, or the agenda he sought to push. So there’s some transparency to be thankful for.

  4. Despite its silly name, Space Force was a necessary reallocation of resources from other branches of the military to directly address threats to US interests in space.

  5. First Step Act - Necessary reform of the criminal justice system.

  6. Successfully continued the fight against Islamist terrorism.

  7. Christmas was saved. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll give you a point for First Step Act, but I don’t really feel like you’re trying too hard.

I am still grateful for President Trump making reparations a GOP thing.

Never saw that coming.


You rose to the occasion and offered Space-Force while reiterating what some other’s posted. Thanx.

Ohhh how could I forget the blueprint to Black prosperity. The Platinum Plan!!

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I am trying as hard as Trump did while President


From a Liberal perspective, there really isn’t much that can pointed to. Trump is an awful human being, who brought out the ugliness in Americans. Any accomplishments that might garner merit are going to be overshadowed by how ■■■■■■ of a person he is. And honestly, we all know how disinterested he is in governing, he was more interested in campaigning, and golfing, not leading a country.

Other than Space Force, how much do you really think he did behind the scenes? Everyone around him put the work in, not Trump.


Fair enough. We are all entitled to our opinion. If you gave it your all and tried to see beyond preconceptions I’ll take you at your word. Thank you for your response.

Thank you President Trump for inspiring millions to join the radical left. Couldn’t have done it without you.