Thank God for America there is a President Trump

My husband and I have come to the consensus that President Trumps success is due to the fact that he is beholden to no one. Every other President has been bought and paid for before he ever has gotten into office. Trump raised 66.1 million of his own money for his campaign. Few candidates have such means.

Let the economy and jobs speak for themselves , he his driving the politicians nuts. He doesn’t profess to be politically correct like most of his counterparts he says what he feels and he is 90% correct. His methods may be unorthodox but his results speak for themselves. As far as we and most of America is concerned he has done a wonderful job as our President. He has been in office less than 2 years and what an improvement. The majority of the Democrats want to impeach President Trump. They don’t care about America they just want power by raising taxes and eliminating the borders so they have more liberals to vote for them. It’s a sad world and all president Trump wants to do is fix it and so far he is doing a great job. We think the draining of the swamp and pealing of the onion is starting to show how deep the corruption is embedded in the top tiers of the Justice Department and FBI and who knows where else


$1trillion deficut at full employment. Lol. Deficit spending boosted economy.

Well, he certainly seems to be doing everything he can to speed up the debt clock.

For some strange reason, I don’t hear too much about that these days…

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Donald Trump has the biggest deficits. Lots of people are saying that. Nobody even comes close to Trump’s ability to deficit spend.


One thing I would love for the Democrats to do once they get the house is see how much money the government has spent at Trump hotels or resorts.

See what his return on on 66 million dollar investment has been from the taxpayers.



I’m still waiting for that damn border wall that Mexico is supposed to pay for and Hillary behind bars.


It’s going to happen. Just you wait. Donald Trump is saving those issues to campaign on in 2020. Once he’s reelected he’s going to be more flexible in implementing his agenda. He’ll probably even fire Sessions if we reelect him.

Trust the plan.

The trump standard, just say what you want to say instead of what’s true.

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Truth isn’t the truth.

It’s a beautiful thing, the destruction of words.

yeah, but everyone is so happy with trumps healthcare plan where everyone is covered for everything at such a low cost that they dont even mid that he has failed on all hius other promises…

Well, at least we now have the US embassy in Jerusalem for 21 million dollars. Yay!

All that pales in comparison to the fact that we are almost 25% of the way to having the national debt eliminated in 8 years.

He probably would have tried, except Loretta Lynch gave her immunity. So that technically isn’t his fault.
The border wall alongside the southern border has already been started, last I heard.

I think immunity wouldn’t apply in this case. All trump has to do is order the AG to start an investigation, but he won’t do it for obvious reasons.

What is your source for this?

I wish trump supporters would realize that a border wall isn’t going to resolve the illegal immigration issue.

Trump has convinced them that is the end all solution. Build a wall, and - poof - the illegal immigration problem is magically solved. Of course, this does absolutely nothing about:

  1. Those who are already in the country
  2. Those who come in under valid visas and then overstay said visas
  3. Those who find ways over, under, or around the wall

But, hey - we’ll have a wall. For all the good it will do.