Texas will be able to proceed with the abolition of straight ticket voting

In states without straight ticket voting, you have to waste your time filling in bubbles.

Yep. Not in my state though; 2018 was the first and last election without straight party voting until an act of Congress outlaws it.

The office isn’t going to be filled by a party. It will be filled by one of the people running for that office.

its not the responsibility of the people to inform themselves on whom they choose to govern? yeah, okay, who needs an informed electorate anyway. I mean, if you have to think about who to vote for, you ain’t (fill in the blank).

I don’t even support the idea, but to counter it with the argument that people have no responsibility in informing themselves is just silly

But that might make people be informed about who they’re voting for, so Democrats would never allow it. The stupid would be disenfranchised…

Well, this has devolved into the usual “Your voters are stupid” argument…

It’s all about choice. IF you allow parties on the ticket, you should allow straight voting for a party. Otherwise, you should just have people standing on their own name.

What court order? The one saying the that they knew about the law for 3 years and they just ignored it and did what you wanted anyway. Well to bad, get it right.

They did it because they new they could find some judge to agree with them that it was too late to fix. And guess what they did.

I can get on board with that.

Those people look lazy to me.” is not a policy.

candidates should be identified by party on the ballot. Folks ought to know which organised gang of theives the vermin on the ballot affiliate with.

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I’d like to co-sponsor your legislative proposal.