Texas state senate seat flipped to republican -- after 139 years

Funny how some guest here he make a thread on every state seat flipped to dem have ignored this one.

Voters elected political newcomer Pete Flores to the Texas Senate on Tuesday, flipping a Democratic district red for the first time in 139 years and bolstering Republicans’ supermajority in the chamber ahead of the November elections.

Christian Archer, Gallego’s campaign strategist, said he was shocked by the results, adding that they weren’t able to generate as much excitement as the Republicans.

“I don’t have any regrets, but I have a lot of disappointment,” Archer said.

Flores’ win marked an incredible upset in a district that political observers said shouldn’t have been competitive for Republicans. Low turnout in special elections and high-level GOP interests in preserving a Senate supermajority helped push Flores across the line, they said.

Could this be a sign?

Wonder what the polling showed prior to the election. So far I can’t find anyone with my lacking google skills.

Cruz is up by 9! Beto is a fraud! It has been discovered that he is in fact taking money through Super Pac’s by allowing them to buy his merchandise and signage in Bulk, and giving the items away for free, while stating he doesnt even talk to Super Pacs, and they should be done away with. Then talking about taking away guns, and taking knees, All his commercials are nothing but platitudes. Cruz is going to wipe the floor with him Friday night.

uuuuuh what’s special about Friday? The big night will be in November in the General election.

True! Good theatrics between Beto and Cruz though, good night to get popcorn and beer and watch a debate.

Wonder where all the “blue wave” people are? Doesn’t this fit their agenda?

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Well, that is a long time for a seat to be one party, so it’s noteworthy in that respect. But state senate? Not really that big of a deal is it? Texas already has a red super majority.

Cool. One seat flipped to GOP vs dozens flipped to Dems means there is no chance of a blue wave.

Trumpsters sure have a hard time understanding that the plural of anecdotes isn’t data.

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Everytie a state house seat was one by a D, it was the blue wave comeing. Now that someting unexpected happened it doesn’t matter.


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I don’t recall seeing all these threads for every single state seat … seems like some selective memory here.

I really don’t remember anyone talking about state seats and a blue wave.

I sometimes post threads on state special elections. But those posts were on overall trends. I didn’t even realize there were any special elections left before November. Doesn’t seem to make sense. But the overall trend of the special elections show Democrats taking about 20% of Republican held seats(which is a lot) and losing almost none themselves in 2017 and 2018. Now it’s like two. Plus the Democrats on average have been overperforming in even the ones they lost. But I don’t know anything about this one.

Robert Francis O’Rourke … a good, solid Hispanic name.


You must not be from Texas! Its like the equivalency of Sheila Jackson Lee losing her seat to a Republican in inner city Houston. This is a huge Flip, and a bad sign for Beto.

So do they have another one for the seat in seven weeks?

No, Flores will finish out the term through 2020.

That seems weird to me. There’s a midterm election in seven weeks and they had this one for one seat separate?

yay! Texas needs to stay red. Veto Hellno Beto.

If Texas flips blue, that opens the door to socialism. I wonder if the debate will be on national television on Friday. I would love to watch it, even though I’m not a Texan.

No, it’s not like that at all. First, SJL wins her district with much, much larger margins than Texas Senate District 19. Second, the seat became open because the incumbent had like 11 felony charges and the new Democratic candidate was a bland politician who didn’t even run a single TV ad. There were fewer than 45,000 votes cast and Flores won by fewer than 3,000.

RIP actual definitions of words.


All I hear are excuses for a seat you should not have lost! That should have been a double digit victory.

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