Texas settles lawsuit over bungled search for illegal votes

Texas. Shaking My Head.

"Texas officials announced Friday that they settled a lawsuit over a bungled search for ineligible voters that President Donald Trump stoked over Twitter but that resulted in the U.S. citizenship of thousands of people being wrongly called into question.

The agreement officially ends a botched scouring of Texas voter rolls that began in January and was beset by deeply flawed data. It flagged nearly 100,000 registered voters but wrongly captured naturalized citizens, and a federal judge who halted the search in February noted in his order that only about 80 people to that point had been identified as potentially ineligible to vote."

They flagged 100,000. Around 80 problems.

Wait. It gets better. The 80 are only “potentially” a problem.


Now they’ll pay $450,000 in fees for basically being stupid. And our president is using them as proof of something.

I’m so looking forward to 2030.


Just the latest example of a failed Red State attempt to purge non MAGA Americans from the voter rolls.

Another classic example of Right Wingnut claims of rampant voter fraud, in action, once more having reality crash down on their collective heads.


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But going forward, Texas agreed to only flag individuals who indicate they are not U.S. citizens when applying for driver’s licenses or a state ID, yet had previously registered to vote.

Illegals must be honest about being illegal for the new system to legally work. K.

Texas continues to aggressively pursue alleged cases of voter fraud. On Thursday, a Texas mayor on the U.S.-Mexico border was arrested and charged with trying to cheat his way into office through an illegal voting scheme. Edinburg Mayor Richard Molina faces three felony charges. A city spokesman says the mayor denies any wrongdoing.

Insuring the integrity of our voting system is paramount to our country. It amazes me how lax so many are in regards to protecting that. It’s a shame Texas botched this purification attempt but good for Texas for trying and continuing to do so.

Botched is a good work.

Texas govt is full of screwups.

Doubtful they could put together a one man band.


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What does this case have to do with non citizens voting?

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Anything and everything that attacks the integrity of our voting system…I’m against. How about you?

Well sure, but this thread is about my states bungled attempt to identify non-citizens voting.


It’s my opinion that Rush and Fox have talked about millions of illegal voters for so long that their consumers are convinced that there are millions of people voting illegally. And they just can’t understand why more investigations aren’t happening.

I guess you can say they have been conned.

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It’s my understanding that it’s an attempt to insure the integrity of the voting system…period?

Every single investigation shows that not only are instances of immigrants illegally voting or even registered to vote are rare, it is mostly because of a clerical error.

But… they keep on using that bogieman to suppress legitimate votes that they don’t like, because they can’t sell their issues and policies.

No it wasn’t… it was an attempt to purge voters in a state that is increasingly shifting from red to blue…


If a Fox News person said…

…that wouldn’t sell.

Bull feces.

‘Eleven of California’s 58 counties have registration rates exceeding 100% of the age-eligible citizenry.’

About 21% of all of California’s voter registrations, or more than one in five, are designated as inactive.

No one was aware of these potential problems because they’re being hidden. Why is it there’s even a question regarding marking the census whether or not you’re a legal citizen? Why is there even a question regarding voter IDs?

Voter fraud exists…period. What we don’t know, is the extent of it and all attempts to find out are being fought…vigorously…why?

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Just prove it.

You know, other than a few people here and there.

Exactly…and all attempts to “prove it” are being fought…why would that be?

Every time people “look into” allegations of widespread voter fraud in the US, it falls apart under examination. Just as in the OP.

How many times does this need to happen for it to maybe give you a clue as to the reality? Allegations of widespread voter fraud are useful political tools. It’s a good way to sow fear, anger and distrust, to fire up the base and increase turnout.

Actual evidence isn’t forthcoming. But i’m sure the next time they’ll catch em!

Ahhhhh… Judicial Watch…

The vast majority of those inactive voters are deceased and there is no allegation that they have voted which would suggest voter fraud and nothing about being inactive would suggest they are non-citizens. Once again, conflating issues to allege the very rare occurrence of non-citizens voting.

I would fully support a national voter registration and a national standard for voter id.

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Judicial Watch is misleading you.

There is no cooperation nor has there EVER been any cooperation to thoroughly examine this…period.

Yeah…I know…and that’s why California cooperated with the WH to examine this issue…amirite?

Regarding your last statement…we are in full agreement.