Texas Secretary of State Apologizes for Voter Fraud List

So a month ago the CEC made a big deal about the Texas Secretary of State releasing a lost that claimed thousands of immigrants comitted voter fraud in Texas.

This was a lie.

The headline that all the talking heads (and the Texas Attorney General who btw is an actual crimanl$ pounced on was utter fiction, created by a flawed process that basically checked to see if someone was ever an immigrant registered in Texas and ever voted - ignoring that thousands of people get Naturalized in Texas every year and disregarding any possibility of people who have the same name.

Today, after doubling and tripling down on his lies, he has finally apologized.


One more Republican Voter Fraud Scam down in flames.

That’s just shameful.

A complete disgrace. Texans should be in an uproar. They won’t be. But they should.

I can honestly say I didnt vote for that guy.


colour me surprised.

I wonder if anyone is asking about appologies from the CEC, who ran with this story.


We have a local Texas-centric (super right wing) radio show that was all over the first report when it broke. Not a word about it in his opening lineup tonight.

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Never. They never admit their mistakes and apologize. Look at Seth Rich for your first prime example.

And I would bet you hear nary a peep again about it as well.

Shocking…they need to lie to win…

Some folks like to do things big in Texas, like shamelessness, evidently.

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Let me guess… Rick on WBAP? :crazy_face:

Pratt on Texas.

This is muh shocked face :flushed:

That sounded like an apology without a lick of ‘I’m sorry’. How very liberal.

If there’s a lie here it isn’t on the part of the SoS of Tx.

I just assume they’re lying every time they speak of voter fraud. It’s simply a way to fool the gullibles.


Hilarious. Completely inaccurate. But hilarious.


So the SoS didn’t get anything wrong?

This will be cited over and over again, despite that it is a lie.