Texas republicans insult another religion

this time its the hindus…
they took out in ad in an indian newspaper that showed ganesha,an elephant headed hindu deity and said "would you worship an elephant or a donkey? the choice is yours…

what are they thinking. i’m surprised they even get one vote from anyone who isn’t a white christian. they show contempt for everyone else

Yet more evidence that liberals don’t understand humor. If you are offended by this joke you just might be a snowflake.

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Pfft … the Democrats symbol is a jackass and was expressly do since Jackson adopted it to defy his critics.

What does that have to do with the OP?

What’s the point of an elephant as a symbol for the GOP?

They just don’t get it.

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What the heck does that have to do with this conversation?

The ad talked about a donkey. But it was expressly a jackass.

Probably some famous zoo elephant … but with these Rinos and their lust to get along with the Democrats it seems to me that they should use the elephant that was used to demonstrate electrocution…

The godless religion of socialism?

It works when the GOP uses the Cross as a shield. I give them props for a really stupid attempt at outreach to someone other than evangelicals.

When you know history, you know the Taj Mahal is built on the holocaust and enslavement of Hindus…

And how doe that makes it okay to insult modern day American Hindus?

Don’t go getting mad at Starbucks Christmas cups this year.

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Ignore the not-so-magic 8 Ball of nonsense.

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no one was insulted…

I see you didn’t read the article

While we appreciate the Fort Bend County GOP’s attempt to reach out to Hindus on an important Hindu festival, its ad — equating Hindus’ veneration of the Lord Ganesha with choosing a political party based on its animal symbol — is problematic and offensive,” said Rishi Bhutada, HAF Board Member and Fort Bend County resident.

That’s just some lefty…

It was an American Hindu who felt insulted proving @altair1013’s comment wrong

Yes… a leftist American Hindu.