Texas Property Taxes

Still a ways to go, but some progress was made. Pols are incredible with their constant putting their hands in our pockets. I get so sick of them.

Taxes are the price you pay for living in civilized society.


I live on a lake property tax is outrageous but the view is nice.

With the rather critical caveat: ONLY TO A POINT!

Beyond that point, taxes begin to strangle civilized society.

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Texas is far from that point. Sneak just likes to complain.

If I can’t buy my third yatch and have to settle for only two, my rights are being infringed. Grab your pitchforks, townspeople!


I just started construction this week on property in North Carolina, in Surry County. Even if I get a relatively high assessment on it, still looking at less than $3,000 a year in property taxes on what will be non-homestead property.

I don’t think there is any call for such histrionics, I haven’t said anything at all controversial. Maybe other posters, but not me.

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Don’t you think he’s joking?

Probably, hard to tell around here any more :smile:

I’ve always hated the idea that folks on a fixed income can be forced from their home due to rising property tax.
I paid off my home 20 years ago, but it feels like I’m still renting it.


And the large illegals population in Texas that drain our resources, especially school districts.

I disagree with this phrase though I still believe in the necessity of taxation. Some taxes are worse than others

You’re not still renting it, but your first sentiment is accurate.

Not quite the same but the outcome is the same. If you don’t pay you’re evicted. The diffence is who the check is made out too.

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Re: your first phrase - you might feel differently when you’re my age. :grinning:

Taxes are theft.

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Taxes are a necessary evil that must be kept on a leash with a chain.

This society is hardly civilized.

Why are you attacking me? You didn’t read the article.