Texas LTC History

People are always making fun of my state about guns (and other things).

I thought some actual facts might be in order. The other Texans can feel free to add in bits.

The rest of you please feel free to ask questions.

Let’s please be civil.

I’ll start:

Until 1995, Texas had among the most restrictive pistols laws in the country.

The tide started to turn after an incident in 1991. A surviving victim of a mass shooting - both her parents were murdered - decided to speak up.

I thought this thread as going to be about long-term care. Oops.

You could delete your post now that you know it’s not.

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Not one person interested?

I am but we often create an echo chamber so I was hoping someone else would jump in.

They don’t care.

I guess they are waiting for the body count to go up.

They only care about Trump.

And bodies. The more bodies they can find the more they can push for gun control.

Did you see/hear about the idiotic 911 call about a guy with a gun on his hip and a Tee Shirt that reads, “You control your kids, I’ll control my guns”?

Yes, I read the story.