Texas Justice System Does the Right Thing


The firing came a day after Haber admitted he “misspoke” when he said the car Jordan was in was moving “aggressively” toward police – leading one officer to fire his rifle toward the car.

Haber later said the body camera footage showed the car was driving forward – away from the officers, not reversing towards them.


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A horrible tragedy all the way around. I doubt the murder conviction will hold up on appeal but he certainly should have been convicted of some form of manslaughter.

This is a case where the cover-up attempt so offended the jury that they went well above and beyond “justice”.

Too bad the driver will never be held responsible in any way for the death.

What would you like to have the driver charged with?

Vehicular assault on a PO at a minimum along with reckless and deadly conduct resulting the death of the boy.

I haven’t followed this story. It states the vehicle was driving away from the officers, not towards. How would that equal charges of assault on the officer?

You’d have to review the video.

The car had backed about half a block away from an approaching officer while being ordered to stop clearly and repeatedly over and over.

Eventually at the cross street the driver stopped, the rapidly accelerated forward at an officer and was accelerating away a split second later when the fatal shots were fired.

As soon as the driver accelerated towards the approaching officer he committed attempted murder of a PO, assault with a deadly weapon, deadly and reckless conduct that then led to the death of the boy when a second office fired.

What was the proximate cause of the circumstances leading to the shooting? The driver’s failure to comply and accelerating towards the officer.

This reminds me a great deal of the Tamir Rice shooting in so much as the officers would not have been “forced” to “defend themselves” had they not unnecessarily run into a situation and then acted hastily. But instead we have a cop approaching the situation with a shoot first, ask questions later mentality. And again we have a young black kid that is dead because of it.

You have no damned idea what you are talking about whatsoever.

The two situations have absolutely nothing at all in common.

Tamir Rice was a kid playing with a toy in a park. A threat to nobody until officers decided to drive up to within a few feet of him and shoot in “self defense”.

Jordan Edwards was a passenger in a vehicle that was simply backing up and turning onto a road. It was only threatening to an officer that decided to run directly up to it and shoot in “self defense”.

Time and time again it’s the same thing. Shoot the black kid first and ask questions later. Even if you are totally in the wrong, in the vast majority of cases you won’t even be tried for a crime, let alone convicted. And then we wonder why there is a serious lack of trust for law enforcement in some communities.

The “threat” was reported to Police which is why they responded to Tamir Rice.

Your second sentence is simply false on it’s face. The driver was acting unlawfully the moment he refused to stop the vehicle and committed an aggravated felony the moment he accelerated towards the officer.

No shots were fired prior to those acts.

The cop had no possible way to know Jordan was in the back seat out of sight nor was he intentionally shot by that officer.

Jordan is dead directly as a result of the driver’s actions.

You and I have very different opinions as to what “accelerating towards someone” means.

If you are standing directly in front of a car that is backing out of a parking space, turns it’s wheel to the left, and then shifts into drive to turn, would you consider that a threatening move? The driver was trying to get onto the road, not run down an officer.

It isn’t a matter of opinion, it’s recorded fact. The driver accelerated towards the cop who stepped out of the way to avoid being hit.

Cops still get way too much credit and leeway from juries.

Thanks Rose, but I’m going to go with what the Police Chief Haber said about the vehicle over your vivid imagination and misinterpretation of things.

“Haber later said the body camera footage showed the car was driving forward – away from the officers, not reversing toward them.”

The two are not in conflict.

When the shots were fired the car was accelerating away which is where the shooting in my opinion became a criminal act.

The video however shows exactly what I stated quite clearly.

The difference is a matter of a split second but the threat to the two officers immediately present had been eliminated once the driver was past them.

Had the shots been fired while he was accelerating towards the cop in the street it wouldn’t even be questionable.

Oh… so it’s like when Trayvon Martin ran away from Zimmerman and Zimmerman still hunted him down and killed him.

Yeah, the cop was wrong just like Zimmerman. You’re right man.

Your fundamental lack of honesty and knowledge on these subjects make it impossible to have anything resembling a reasonable discussion with you.

Even hid partner said he didnt feel in danger… Stop it dude

Try saying something that would be actually relevant.

The partner’s perceptions are irrelevant to either the facts or the justification of the shooting.

He wasn’t behind the gun.

Linked article clearly states the car was driving AWAY from the officers & not towards them.

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