Texas in play in 2020

According to politico republicans in Texas are becoming increasingly worried that Texas is no longer the red bedrock it has been in the past. Suburbanites are increasingly turning away from the gop

If Texas turns blue the gop has pretty much no chance. There is a precedent in California which is now as blue as it gets despite being red at one time

Those damn illegals!

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A buddy of mine who lives there says it’s all the Californians who moved there and ruined it.


BlueTex… has a nice ring to it…


Texas will be purple by 2024 and completely blue by 2028.

You heard it here first :wink:


No chance not at all.

It’d be kinda cool if libs take Texas and GOP takes a chunk out of the rustbelt for a while - OH, PA, WI, MI.

Just to change up the map.

The threads are going to be priceless

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More of a hope than an article. Gee, let’s turn Texas into poverty ridden California.

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Ohio is moving more red…the others. Not so much

  • Texas is poorer than California
  • Almost all the poorest states in America are red states



Flipping MI, WI and PA in 2016 was no small feat.

If California is so horrible why not simply leave? That’s what I did when I lived in Utah

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You’ve been fake news’ed. The federal poverty line does not take into account cost of living. When you do that Cal and New york are the poorest.

Dems poor understanding of stats and math leaves them open to such manipulation. Made worse by the poor schooling in their states.

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It’s not horrible for me. I’m not homeless on the diseases ridden streets of LA or SF. Where they let sewage go right into the Ocean from homeless camps


I admire your tenacity. This could be the time. :wink:

Texas also has the 6th lowest credit score, something else that generally tracks to red states. It’ll be good for the state to turn blue as that seems to be associated with better individual money management and higher credit scores.

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OK, here is a source with COL adjusted income. Guess what, Cali still beats Texas :wink:

LOL this again.

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